02 October 2013

Leicester Bloggers Meetup - Fashion Show, Lunch and Goody Bags!

On Saturday (28th September) was the Leicester Bloggers Meetup that I organised. I always thought that there is never anything blogger related going on in Leicester so I took it upon myself to arrange a lovely meetup. After 2 and a half months, which went by pretty fast, came the day! I was quite nervous. Actually a lot. I had a mini panic attack the morning of the meetup as I didn't know what to expect. There were quite a lot of us that traveled from various places in Leicester and Nottingham! I booked us all seats to go see the Autumn Fix fashion show that was held in Highcross at 11 am which I quite enjoyed! Even got a few discount vouchers too which I am sure I'll be using soon and I also did see a few dresses in the fashion show that I really loved and now really want! Here are a few fashion show photos.
Images thanks to Jess.

After the fashion show, we had an hour and a half before lunch so we all decided to some shopping. Everyone split up and we met back at 1 pm for lunch at Bella Italia who were really great. We all had some really yummy food although I did go for a simple margarita pizza which was really huge for one person!
I also want to thank NYR and Sunkissed for their raffle prizes! Sophia and Leah won some Sunkissed goodies and Izzy won a little NYR prize! And there's Jess, Lauren and Charlie with their Derma V10 bags! 
Excuse the bad lightening. So hard to take photos in there! 

The Goody Bags!
This is what it looked like the night before!
My dining room was a huge mess for about a month. I am glad no one really complained about and I didn't care either. Everyday I would get a delivery of some lovely goodies to go into these goody bags! I also want to thank all the brands that took part and provided such a generous amount of products! And I hope everyone is also happy with what they got. Everyone got a PURE skincare bag with a Pure product, a Derma V10 bag with a selection of Derma V10 products and a pink candy striped bag in which I filled some other great products. I know some of the girls said that bags were heavy which I am hoping was a good thing if you know what I mean ;) Some of the products were not the same as all so some of the girls got a different product to others.
The pink striped bag included

  • Derma V10 day cream
  • Lip tin
  • Nose pore strip
  • Mascara
  • BB cream

PURE skincare- either one of the following:
  • BB cream
  • CC cream 
  • Eye roll on

I have to thank Angelica nail polish for taking the time to personalize a very pretty pink bag for everyone!
They all obviously had nail polishes in them but I don't know about colours or amount as they were sealed.
I loved that they included everyone's name and blog addresses on them and made them a little more special.

I had such a great day. It was so much fun and I am really glad that I arranged this for everyone as it was something way out of my comfort zone. I loved talking to everyone and getting to know them! 
I want to thank all the girls who made it and do hope everyone who came had a great day and really did enjoy themselves. Also hope you all loved the products! 
I will be reviewing everything in the coming weeks too so look out for the reviews. 

Hareem x


  1. It was such a great day. Well done :) xx

  2. It looks like SO much fun. And, SO many stuff in the goodie bags. Love all the pictures. You all look pretty x

  3. Ahhh such a shame I couldnt make it! Hopefully next time:)xx

  4. the personalised envelopes are so cute. well done for organising such a fantastic meet up hareem.x

  5. So many goodies. Looks like it was lots of fun :)

  6. Thanks so much for organising this Hareem had a fab day xxxxx

  7. Aw seems so strange seeing bloggers I recognise in my stomping ground - yet I was bed ridden & couldnt go! I was so so gutted!! But it looks an amazing day & I cant wait for the next one!!
    Huuuuge thanks to you & Emma for sending me a goody bag - such a lovely thought!! Thanks so much!!
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays...

  8. Wow! It looks like you put together a fabulous meet-up! I love how much thought you put into it :) If I weren't overseas I would have loved to go. The fashion show looks so cool!

    - Jess
    The Mod Mermaid

  9. Wow, well done you organising all this - it looks like so much fun! :)

    Jess xo

  10. Aww that looks so awesome! Proud of you for doing it! I wish I was there to attend, you seemed like you all had a great time and the goody bags are so delicious, so much producttttt

  11. Aww that looks so awesome! Proud of you for doing it! I wish I was there to attend, you seemed like you all had a great time and the goody bags are so delicious, so much producttttt

  12. please do a detailled review of the PURE micellar water, i've been looking at it for a while now, but i don't want to waste my money if it doesn't do what the higher end brand ones do! thankyou

    1. Hey, Yeah I will be doing a review very soon :) xxx

  13. Wow - very generous goody bags!! I really hope I can come next time - damn work getting in the way :( xxx

  14. I wouldve been there if I still lived in Leices!

  15. Please do another one of these! I'm gutted I missed it, you got anything planned for this year?


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