16 September 2013

Paul Mitchell - Super Strong Liquid Treatment

Hair care is seriously so important. I genuinely care about about hair and at the moment due the change in the weather my hair is falling out. Everytime a little bit of my hair falls out, I get a mini heart attack. So to help it keep it's strength and to maintain it I've been using the Paul Mitchell's super strong liquid treatment (£16.50)* that claims to to repair hair from the inside out. It also says that the product will help to seal split ends and has UV protection. 
I really like Paul Mitchell hair products. I've used some great ones previously. I use this in towel dried hair about twice a week. You only really need a few spritzes and scrunch your hair then dry or air dry if that's what you prefer like me. At the moment my hair is highlighted so I do try to keep it as healthy as possible because once you colour it in any form it does start to become dry and brittle. I can sometimes feel the coloured part of my hair to be a lot more coarse than the normal non coloured part which make it more open to be damaged. I do straighten my hair these days quite a bit but before doing so I spray this in. I have not noticed a single split end in my hair and it's almost quite magical to have this happen! It provides a lot of protection in my opinion and does what it say: seals the split ends. It helps to de-tangle my hair as well as helping it to stay strong when it comes to breakage. I've noticed a significant difference in that area! It reduces frizziness too which I have a lot off and tames the really annoying fly aways. One thing I have noticed is that if I spray too much of it or go a little crazy it does weigh my hair down. But that's the only downside. If you use it properly once or twice a week it works really well! It's made a really big difference to the ends of my hair. 

You can purchase this from HairTrade.com who are a leading retailer of hair extensions and haircare.
Have you tried this product before?
Hareem x


  1. Sounds like a good product! I have such dry, dead hair.


  2. This sounds good, my hair is dyed and a bit dead so I might look for this!

    Annie | www.raspberphobia.com

  3. My hair could do with some of this! Your hair always looks amazing, JEL!


  4. Ooh! I like the look of this. I've become totally obsessed with hair care and always looking for new products. Although my bak account doesn't quite agree haha xx

  5. Sounds like a good product!! Especially the split end part. Me likey!
    I dont even know if they sell Paul Mitchell products here in Narnia



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