01 August 2013

The Summer Makeup Ritual.

Summer and makeup really don't go well together if you ask me. It's boiling outside these days and with makeup on my face, I just have an urge to take it all off. I feel like as if makeup is literally melting off my face. Anyone else like that? The less it is, the the better!
I thought I'd share a few of the products (probably the only!) that I have been using for my days when I decide to use makeup in this hot weather.
I don't think I even touch foundation in the heat. Ever since tinted moisturisers and BB creams came out I probably use them 90% of the time. They're feel lighter on my face as well as the coverage being light - medium. I love the Pure BB cream and the Witch Tinted moisturiser for the summer. These are both light-medium coverage and cover what I want covered (if you know what I mean). Sometimes I mix the two as the Witch tinted moisturizer is a little dark for me and the Pure BB cream is slightly light; hence making the perfect shade. 
If there has been a blusher (or two)  that I have been reaching for it has been Sleek's blush by three in Lace. It is the perfect blush palette for the summer. I also have been using my Protocol's mineral baked shimmer in apricot swirl. It is stunning. That's it. I prefer this to my MAC's Stero rose and it is perfect or summer! 
I like to change up lip products alot but when it gets hot I just want something thats 'barely there'. The lighter the consistency the better. I've been using my new little gem by Catrice quite excessively. New favourite? It's their lip glow and it is just beautiful! I've also been using Bloom's lip gloss which is more like a lip tint but a little more thicker in consistency. It is a little sticky but I love how natural it looks which is why I like to apply this these days. 
And lastly, I use a little translucent powder around my T zone area which tends to go mad in the heat. This one is my favourite by natural collection (clearly I need a new one). Kleenex blotting sheets are a life saver. Not just for summer but all year round actually. Blotting makes your makeup or even if you touch up your makeup look and feel alot better. And for eyes, all I've been putting on is some mascara. I've been using this new one by essence (review soon). 

I would love to know your makeup routine for the summer? 
Do you wear alot or none? 
Hareem x 


  1. yeh it is like it's melting off, i just don't bother when the weather is like this. Really want to get that sleek palette.x

  2. I love your lip choices! I've had my eyes on that Sleek palette for ages, I don't know what I'm doing that I still haven't picked it up! xx


  3. can't wait for the essence review i'm always so skeptical in trying essence products

    check my blog out too :)))

    xx Annie


  4. Love the shade of the Bloom lipgloss. Perfect for summer!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  5. Those blushes are all gorgeous! x

  6. I absolutely love the Sleek blush! So pretty :) xxx

  7. The Sleek blushes are amazing! So gorgeous. I also haven't touched foundation in over 2 months... BB cream to the rescue! Nice post! xo


  8. Is catrice available in the UK? That lip colour looks beautiful!

    I agree about this weather; I swear that I just have to step outside into the sun and my make-up slides all around my face.


  9. Oh my god, that baked blush is AMAZING. I love the silver packaging, it's a beautiful colour xx

    Gemma | ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie ♥

  10. I love that Catrice lipstick x


  11. Love the orange lippy! Perfect for summers xx

  12. I really want to try a sleek blush by 3! I was thinking of getting the limited edition candy one but this one looks really nice and great for the upcoming colder months too! xx


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