14 July 2013

Macadamia Healing Oil Spray

Macadamia, for me falls into that  'raved by beauty bloggers' category. It's a very popular brand among bloggers and non bloggers. I always lusted after their (beautifully packaged) products and finally had the chance to try out their Healing oil spray*. I was excited to try this over the past months because my hair really needed some sort of a treatment as it looked so dry at the ends.
The oil comes in a very pretty 60 ml bottle. I adore the design on it! This is a spray which is almost like a mist that you spray in towel dried hair but you can also spray it in dry hair too like I do at times. The fact it's a spray, I feel like you have more control when it comes to how much you apply because I can pour more than I need if the bottle doesn't have a pump. I use this everytime I wash my hair, spray it twice and just work it in. I only use this around the mid section of hair and not of the roots. The oil is really light and the consistency of it is thinner than your usual. I actually like this because that's what makes the oil lighter which gives your hair a weightless feel. It doesn't weigh your hair down or have that sticky residue feel that you can sometimes get from hair oils. It really gets absorbed into your hair quite fast which I think is probably something we all love!
It's a very nourishing product. It adds shine but most importantly makes your hair feel stronger. My hair feels so healthy and alot stronger. I've also noticed there is a reduction in breakage as well as split ends. My hair had a dry hair period, mostly because of the weather but it's so soft now and really replenished. This product has got to be my holy grail oil treatment at the moment. It detangles my hair too somehow and tames the frizz. I also use it as a styling product to add shine and a little finishing to my hair. The scent of it really nice too. I'd recommend this oil to anyone who needs a little repairing treatment or even as a protectant because we all know what hair straighteners can do (I've been there and it was BAD!). Oh and it also includes UV protection and extends colour treatment life. Another positive right?

You can purchase the Macadamia healing oil spray (£7.35) from Hairtrade.com which is UK's one of leading online retailer for hair extensionshair care and beauty products.

Have you tried this oil?
I'd love to any other Macadamia favourites of yours!
Hareem x


  1. I keep seeing this brand around everywhere! I want to try it but I haven't yet. Maybe I'll try this once my hair oil I'm using now is used up!

  2. I love Macadamia oil products! I had a few little sample sachets of their shampoo/leave in conditioner etc but i don't think i've tried this!x

  3. I haven't tried a Macadamia product before, I'm really intrigued by what they have to offer though! Lovely informative post :)


  4. Great review hun I love using the Macadamia products they are all amazing!


  5. This looks really good. My hair needs some therapy so will look into trying this!



  6. I need to start using my one of these!

  7. I LOVE this product, The amount of times this has saved my hair is unbelievable. It's definitely one of my favourite products.

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

  8. This oil is quite good I find that my hair dries faster when i use it :)

  9. I have this! And the thicker one too where you pump it out. Prefer the pump though, I end upspraying too much where as with the pump, I do 1 pump and that is sufficient, ha!


  10. I haven't tried it but I really want to! Thankfully they sell it here & I really wanna try the mask too, thank you for the review I'm pushed towards it now, anything that heals my hair!

  11. This is looks like such an awesome product! I keep seeing reviews about it everywhere.

  12. I really want this but i already use oils on my hair. I always wonder whether macademia can really do a difference (the oil that is) dying to try the hair mask! Im clearly just gonna run out and buy the whole range ^_^

    from Brigitte at // BreezeyBee Blog | BlogLovin'



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