17 March 2013

The March Birchbox

Hello guys,

Firstly, I have to say my laptop is now fixed and sorted and all my images are still there! Phew.
I thought I had lost everything and had no back up. This is why this post is so late!
I think it was all rather exciting when everyone found out about Birchbox being released in the UK. I know I was! I used to watch all these American Youtubers and their monthly Birchbox videos and all the lovely brands in the box. Envy. 
So at least for me, I was pretty excited when Birchbox finally came to the UK! As you probably know it's a monthly subscription box and is £10 per month plus p+p).

Their March box* is my first ever beauty box so it was all quite a moment when I first opened it. 
I love the pink box it can in and inside it was the actual box with a lovely ribbon on it. Small touches always count! And all the products were all packed in a pink Birchbox drawstring bag.

Now the exciting thing in the box was the Beauty blender and the Laura Geller gel eyeliner. I can't believe that the beauty blender is in a beauty box.

I got 6 products out of which 2 were full size and the rest were samples.
My favorite ofcourse were the Lindor Chocolates. Who doesn't love them?! I had 2 and shared the rest. ;)
This was a lovely touch added to the box.


Now the exciting thing in the box was the Beauty blender (£24). I can't believe that there is a beauty blender is in a beauty box. The original one. I think if you are to purchase it, it comes in a duo pack. I adore this! It applies foundation so flawlessly without any streaks. It almost 'melts' your foundation into your skin. With this, there was also a beauty blender cleanser sample (£22)  which I also thought was a great idea. I know a lot of people have the question of how to exactly wash your beauty blender and this is the answer.
I really like perfume samples. I have quite a lot of them for some reason. I think its because I adore their little size and how dainty they almost look! In this box, I received a Molton Brown Valbonne Fine fragrance (£65) which I actually really liked. I am a bit of a perfume addict so that is another reason why I instantly loved the scent. It's a strong scent but not over powering and is almost a warm scent. Sophistication is the word I think.
And of-course  some Lindor chocolates which I loved. These came in a very cute heart tin and were a bonus in the box.
Another full size product was a Laura Geller gel eyeliner (£24.50).
This is amazingly pigmented and the purple colour is beautiful. It's that perfect pop of colour one might need on a dull day! It has built in brush which is ever so handy especially if you're travelling. You can even use this as a base like I did a few days back. Really pleased with this particular product!
IMG_6050 Another sample was the La Sultane de Saba Body Lotion (£2650) with argan oil. I have been using this for the past couple of days and I have to it's very nice. Sinks in well and smells lovely. I love that it has argan oil in because it's a really lovely oil for your skin.
Yu-Be moisturizing skin cream (19.50) is something I have not heard of before but I was pretty excited to try this. I have been having extremely dry skin for the past month and nothing will work. So in a way this came just in time! It's a glycerin based cream for dry skin. I am quite pleased with this because it's have made my dry skin a lot better! I will probably get the full size because after trying a lot of creams this is the only one that has worked! It say it will sooth any dry patches and it has done that!

Overall I was very pleased with the March Birchbox because it contained some lovely beauty products. My favorites were the beauty blender, Laura Geller gel eyeliner and the Yu-Be cream.
I would love to try next months Birchbox because I love surprises and this particular box makes the next one look very promising!

Have you subscribed to Birchbox?
I would love to know if you have and if you received the March box, what was your favorite product?
Hareem x


  1. Love your photography !

    the beauty blender looks amazing!

  2. That liner looks so pretty, and wow a beauty blender, that is amazing!

    Sophierosehearts x

  3. Wow this looks like a great beauty box will have to look at birch box.
    Thanks for the link on the twitter now following :).
    I also have a GIVEAWAY running if you wish to enter.


  4. I can't believe you got the beauty blended in your box! I wish in the US they did that! I'm so jealous!

  5. Hey! I am also subscribed to Birchbox, and I am crossing fingers to receive a beauty blender! The eyeliner looks really pigmented and beautiful too! XOXO


  6. That is such a good box!! Can#t believe you got the beauty blender! x

  7. Great items, love the blender. Haha I guess I would have eaten all chocolates by myself ;)

  8. I am just so so jealous of you right now Hareem! Haha! I want that beauty blender... :D xx
    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  9. This looks really good! Much better than GlossyBox I have to say! I'm tempted to change to this one actually, will have to have a ponder about it! :) xx


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