18 March 2013

China Blue

Hi guys,
I had a review post scheduled for today but I had an urge to do a fashion/trend post. So here it is!

Something that I have been in love with recently is China blue. This isn't the most popular trend at the moment so I like to sat it's a 'hidden' trend. You have to search for the pieces. I love the gorgeous porcelain ceramic patterns on clothing and the very unique, almost baby/powder blue colour that is complemented with shades of cobalt. Putting together this intricate pattern and combining the two gorgeous shades of blue makes China blue.

I do think the prints on all these clothing do add a level of sophistication and elegance and the colour tops that off. To me the prints on these are so artistic, which I guess is one one reasons why I fell in love with it. Plus I LOVE prints. At first, I did think that the colour plus the print could be too much and hard to wear and pull it off but paired with the right pieces and jewellery, I think it would look amazing on anyone plus this colour would look lovely on a lot of people too. 

I am in with the dresses and the blouse in the last image which is from Romwe. I think thats the perfect example of how you can add this colour plus print in your wardrobe because its minimal.
If you don't want to wear a dress or leggings etc in the colour or print you can always add touches of it by adding a scarf or simply painting your nails in a similar colour.
I've just bought some fabric in this style which I'll b making into a dress very soon! 

I hope you liked reading this post! 
What is your favorite trend at the moment?

Hareem x


  1. I've been seeing this around lately and I adore it! I am really hoping to get either a blouse in this print since I am in love!
    I cannot way to see what you make!
    I've been loving the pointed toe ballet flats (though the weater isn't any good to wear them in - we're expecting a snowstorm tonight)
    Have a great day!

  2. I absolutely love the selection you've chosen here, so beautiful :)



  3. This print is so gorgeous!! perfect for sping!! i love the 2nd and last dress, they would look so beautiful paires with some nude shoes and some silver bracelets! great post hunx

  4. these are lovely prints and the look amazing together! XO's


  5. Wow it really works.. I've not seen any of these pieces around, but I love how a,axing it looks. Just perfect for Spring! I love the blouse in the middle of the 2nd row! Xx

  6. Loving the second and last dress!

    Be great if you could check out my latest outfit post: Monochrome biker girl and NOTD post Jessica GELeration in Venus Was Her Name by Nail And Beauty, Cheshire.

    Thanks! Charlie xx LurchHoundLoves.com | UK Fashion Blog

  7. Wow I love this! It reminds me of a tea set my grandad used to have haha such a pretty pattern. I especially love the second dress and the trousers :) perfect for spring xxx

  8. Oh wow, whyyyy did I put my wages towards makeup. I want ALL of this! haha. It just looks so lady like

    Sally x

  9. Ohhh I love this (hidden) trend!! I never heard of it before, so yes, it's hidden. It looks so sophisticated. It reminds me of a dress I had when I was just a little girl.
    What I love about this trend is that it's wearable as a blouse, dress AND pants! It's never too much or too less. Love it! I'm going for a China Blue hunt here in Narnia!


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