01 February 2013

MUA Artist Palette

Hey guys,
Happy 1st of February. What did January go?
Last month I went to Superdrug and got a few MUA items. I went over to pay and the assistant told me that I actually get a free MUA artiste palette because I spent like £6. It retails at £6 itself and it was kinda nice and exciting to get it for free! Who doesn't love free stuff?! I actually just won one in a giveaway held by the lovely Lauren at Peachy Curves, so I now have two!
When it came out I wasn't too fussed about it even though it looked so pretty. I guess I was trying to push myself away from getting eyeshadows because I hardly use them.
You guys have probably seen millions of reviews on this but as always I thought I'd share my opinion. 
It comes with 6 beautiful looking marbled eyeshadows, 2 blushers, a bronzer and a highlighter. I have to say this is a very 'me' kind of a palette. I would actually wear the eyeshadow colours in this so that's great. 
I didn't want to use the eyeshadows. They look too pretty. It's a nice palette and comes with a sponge tip applicator which people usually throw away and hate on but I don't. These are actually good for patting on shimmery eyeshadows etc. Why throw it? Anyone with me here?

So the colours are as follows: 
Pistachio - an aqua colour with turquoise marbling
Mocca - a silver toned colour with purple marbling
Ice - a vibrant blue with turquoise marbling
Grape - a purple with light blue marbling - metallic 
Chocolate- a bronze with white marbling - metallic 
Cookie -  a brown with pink marbling - matte 

I love that they've named the eyeshadows. My swatches are utterly crap because I just gave up. I sat for literally an hour trying to photograph swatches but non of them were good. The eyeshadows are actually nicely pigmented, especially the deeper toned ones. You do have to build them up. In the image above they look very powdery but they're pretty good especially the metallic ones. The purple (grape) and bronze (chocolate) is gorgeous! Quite a good variety and you can create a day and a night look with it. However, I don't think the marbling actually does anything. I might be wrong but that's just what I feel.

The blushers are called pink sparkle and primrose. Pink sparkle is a coral pink with slight shimmer and primrose is a deep pink that's matte. The bronzer is called bronze and I quite like it in terms of contouring. The highlight, called shimmer kiss, is quite a nice highlighter. It gives you a very subtle shimmery finish. 
The only thing is that I find the face products to be a little powdery. They're not chalky because you go get a decent colour payoff but there is a little fall out and a little difficulty in blending. 

Overall, I do see myself using this palette because the eyeshadows are lovely. I tried the blush as an eyeshadow the other day which I loved. So I have found a way to use them! For £6 this is a great item especially for people who are starting out with makeup or just experimenting!

What are your thoughts about the Artiste palette?
Hareem x


  1. It'a a nice palette but i find it a bit more powdery than the usual MUA eyeshadows :)

    1. I agree on that but it is great value and great for travelling too! x

  2. I like the applicator it comes with too!! What a great freebie :) xx


  3. Such a cute palette


  4. I love the speckled pattern that comes on some of the eyeshadows. It looks so pretty x

  5. the blush shades are so pretty! x

  6. Got mine yesterday and loving it so far! :) Great photos.

  7. It's so pretty And yaay for it being a freebie, haha xD


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