31 January 2013

Hair Oil Series - Coconut Oil

Hey guys,
I am so sorry, but I completely forgot to post last of the hair oil series!
nevertheless, here is all about coconut oil!
I just want to say thankyou to everyone who commented and told be that they loved this series! I loved doing it and hope I helped you guys! :)

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Coconut oil

I think that coconut oil is know for hair growth and nourishment. I used to use this before my teens and that had a pretty good impact on my hair. I did stop using it after I turned about 13/14 because my hair started to get really oily, very quickly and figured out it was coconut oil because its packed with moisture. When your obviously not reached your teen, I guess your hormones are 'less active' but as I reached 14, I am guessing the hormones kicked in and resulted it my oily T-zone and oily hair. I wouldn't exactly recommend coconut oil for people who have an extreamly oily scalp because of my experience with it but once a month will do no harm as I still use it. However if you suffer with a dry scalp give it a go and see how that works.

Benefits of coconut oil:
There is something called microbial action that takes place on your scalp which results in hair loss.
Coconut oil contains lauric acid and capric acid which helps with hair loss because of their antimicrobial properties. 
Vitamin E is amazing for skin and hair and is also a little something naturally found in coconut oil. It keeps the scalp healthy and nourished. 
Coconut oil is a natural emollient which means it will lock the moisture in each individual hair strand. Because of the high moisture level and not easily being broken down, this will not let moisture escape. It doesn't easily evaporate. It's know for the shine effect and for getting more body in your hair and is packed with saturated fats which penetrate into your scalp and reduce dandruff. This is honestly a great natural conditioner for your hair than any other. Soft, shiny and silky hair is what you'll achieve. 

I would say to use this overnight for a great moisture treatment and achieve extra body in your hair. Massage this into your scalp which is great for blood circulation and rinse out later. Alot of the time it becomes a solid when in a jar but you can take a little in a bowl heat it for 30 seconds and it should be back to a liquid state.
You can purchase this from any store and for a very low price.

I really loved doing these series! I know that i'll do some more very soon!
If you missed out, check out the other three hair oil post below.

I just want to say that using a hair (any hair oil) is quite good because it gets your blood circulation going because you're massaging your head. This is great for your scalp and is actually an important factor for stopping hair loss and making your hair grow. If you have thin, dry, damaged or hair that doesn't grow try this because even if it doesn't make your thicker or longer, it improves their condition which I think should be important. No matter what hair type/kind you are as long as it looks great, it's all good!

What did you think about the series?
Hareem x 


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    1. thankyou so much!
      I hope you enjoy them and find them useful :) x

  2. i have really enjoyed this series and coconut oil is THE best oil in my opinion closely followed by olive oil :)

    i use it as moisturiser, handcream, hair oil and lip balm! it really is the best of all worlds!

    im yet to use it as a cooking oil haha

    BreezeyBee Blog

    1. Thankyou! :D
      It's amazing for nourishment!
      hahah very multi purpose! xx

  3. Loved reading this, so informative. I also REALLLLLY fancy some coconut now ha! I have only ever given olive oil a go, a very long time ago, but will deff be giving these other natural oils a go soon. Great post :)


    1. I LOVE coconut! It's so yummy!
      let me know how it goes for you! :D xx

  4. Really enjoyed reading this post, it was really helpful! I'm definitely going to give coconut oil a try on my hair! Sophie xx

  5. Definitely need to give coconut oil a go on my hair as it is quite dry. x


  6. Loving the hair oil series. I've never tried Coconut oil before but have heard so much about it Xx

    1. thanks so much!
      It's a great oil for nourishing your hair :) x

  7. Out of all hair oils, coconut is my fave! :D

    1. I use it once a month and it's done wonders! x

  8. I love coconut oil. I use it as a hair treatment, eye makeup remover and for healing wounds and scars. It's a wonderful thing to have around. Organic Coconut oil can be a bit pricey though, especially when compressed.

    1. multi purpose?!
      Organic coconut can be expensive but I use the normal kind and it's been great :) x

  9. thanks for the info,wish its available here in the philippines!


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