24 January 2013

Winter Nails

Hey guys,
I kinda forgot to post this in December and just realized! It's been sitting in the draft section for far too long but better late than never! I wanted to show my new favourite winter nail polish which is by stargazer cosmetics. I reviewed the products here if you'd like to see :) Its in the colour 316 and is from their ultra cover nail polish collection. I can't exactly remember the price but its really inexpensive.

This is such a gorgeous colour for winter and knowing me I'll even wear this in summer. Its a very dark maroon; almost like a blackish red? It looks quite rusty in the images but its a very deep shade and has some rusty orange shimmer to it. In about 2 coats its so opaque and doesn't chip for up to a week if used with  a top coat. I LOVE this colour. A little obsessed . I used to never buy shades like this. It was always peaches and pink but ever since I got this I am really starting to get darker colours.

PS- Please excuse the messy application!

What is your favourite winter nail colour?
Hareem x


  1. I love the colour! Favourite winter nail polish has been the magnetic brown and blue nail polish from Barry M! Just love the pattern on them!

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  2. Your nails are gorgeous!



  3. I love that colour! Where can you buy Star Gazer nail polish from?
    Love your blog, followed!
    Check out mine sometime? xx

  4. That is such a pretty colour x

  5. Hiya, it's @staceysmum84 from Twitter - thanks for sending mye your blog link, I'm now following :D

    This is such a pretty shade. I've never seen bottles of these before - where did you get it from? Sorry for being so nosey lol.

    Louise x

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