23 January 2013

2013 Trend- Monochrome and stripes

I really want summer to come fast. Summer time used to be my least favourite month because the sun always gives me headaches. But when it's freezing cold like these days, I don't even care. I just want this snow to stop and spring to arrive. Another reason for this is so that I can get all my summer clothes out and put away the coats! I thought I'd share a spring/summer trend this year that's really easy to adapt to and in my opinion looks great on everyone. Stripes and monochrome clothing is already in shops and I really like this trend! 

So first up is monochrome which is a huge trend this summer. I've seen it on fashion shows etc and I think it looks great and will suit everyone. I personally love black and white clothing. Typically this is more of a winter trend but I feel you can wear black and white clothing all year round. This is a very easy trend to wear because you're able to wear it in alot of different ways. You can go bold by wearing geometric prints, go stripe with blocks of black and white or just a simple white top and black trousers. I love the dresses that I came across. Black dresses are for forever. You can't go wrong with a black dress. I love the T-shirt with the black hearts!

Another trend this year is stripes. Now obviously this applies to coloured stripes as well but I thought sticking with the monochrome theme, I'd pick out black and white striped clothing. 2 trends in 1.
I am huge stripe lover. I have far too many clothing items that are striped! This is also something that will never get old and will look great on everyone. If you wear vertical stripes, it instantly makes you look taller. If you wear it horizontal, it'll  make you look broader which is great for petite girls like myself. The dress with the vertical and horizontal stripes is really flattering because it'll instantly gives a slimming illusion because how the stripes are placed. I love the flat ballet pumps and that they aren't completely striped but just two blocks of colour. I actually love all the striped clothing here!

What do think about these two trends?
Any favourites?
Hareem x


  1. Really loving the monochrome trend at the moment! xx


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  2. Love this trend, the heart tshirt is so cute! xo


  3. I really love monochrome, those heels are amazing! I love the striped bow top too :) xo

  4. The monochrome trend is my favourite! The dresses are really pretty! x

  5. Im such a fan it makes up most of my wardrobe! Xx

  6. I recently did a monochrome post as well! Love stripes and monochrome!



  7. love this post- love the AX paris blouse! x

  8. I look terrible in strips but I do like the monochrome trend :)

  9. thanks, they are great , need to buy themm !! ))) I will be happy if u follow me :) http://lisaswiftt.blogspot.com

  10. The shoes are definitely my favourites :) x

    One Little Moose

  11. Some fab finds. Love monochrome - can look so classy :)


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