27 January 2013

Sanctuary Spa Salt Scrub

I finally tried out my first ever product by by Sanctuary Spa! I've seen their products on blogs so much and especially during Christmas time but for some reason I never tried anything. So I finally made an order online and got quite a few items; one of them being their ever so popular Salt Scrub (£11.25 650g). I really like body scrubs. I don't know why but I love them and this was also another reason to get this! 
'Our iconic dead sea salt scrub that leaves skin perfectly polished and gorgeously moisturised.
Our multi award-winning treatment contains sea salt from the renowned Dead Sea enveloped by a rich mix of moisturising oils: jojoba, coconut and almond.
While the salt gently exfoliates dead cells to stimulate and promote renewal, the oils soak into skin leaving it gleaming and exquisitely scented.'

I love the way this is packaged! It's different from other body scrubs and its so easy to open up and just use. It smells gorgeous. I can't get over how lovely the fragrance of this is. It's a mix for sweet fruity notes with some floral as well. The scent lingers on your skin for a very long time as well which I really love! You'd smell amazing. This contains jojoba, coconut and almonds which are all very beneficial to your skin. Almond oil  is known to have skin softening and soothing properties and  coconut oil is light natural emollient that helps to moisturise and protect the skin. I love that its a gentle salt scrub because when you think salt, you'd think it'll be a little harsh. It gently exfoliates any dead skin and its really great to use on any rough, dry patches you may have, especially during this very cold and dry weather. The salt starts to dissolve into this silky bath gel kind of a texture and literally melts into your skin. The oils in this are very relaxing and soothing to the skin. It is a little oily like other scrubs but after rinsing that disappears. It's very moisturising as well. I don't use any body butters or moisturiser after using this. Makes my skin so so soft as well! 
I can't recommend this enough. I know once this runs out I'll be getting more. Make you bath time feel luxurious! 

I am currently after their thermal sugar scrub! 
Have you tried this before? 
Any Sanctuary Spa recommendations?
Hareem x


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  2. Ahhh this stuff is amazing - love it :) I love all Sanctuary products - all good.

    {PS Deleted previous comment, incorrect spelling lol

  3. I love body scrubs. This is totally out my price bracket though :( x

  4. I have a face mask in a similar container, it's just so, so cute! I will be sure to re-use it once it's empty x

  5. this is awesome but a little pricey, definitely an indulgence item.
    looks so cute though!
    BreezeyBee Blog

  6. This just luxury like luxury in a jar if I ever saw it, nice post!

    www.livingwitholivia.com xx


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