26 January 2013

I Love...Mango and Papaya lipbalm

Lipbalms are like one of the most essential things for winter. I've been using my Kona Kare lipblam for weeks now and that's been working so so amazingly! So after using that I'm a little fussy about lipbalms! But that doesn't mean I won't try a new one because I'll just fail as a beauty blogger ;) I have this I Love...mango and papaya lipbalm that I've been using recently and it about time to review it :)
This is the first product that I am trying out by this brand. I am just gonna start out by saying that this smells incredible. Just as the name suggests, mango and papaya scents are very prominent. It smells like mango juice that I used to drink when I was younger. I can't remember the name but that was an amazing drink! It's a very tropical, sweet scent and I love it! It tastes amazing and is quite yummy to be honest. It's not a very thick lipbalm so it doesn't last on your lips for long and isn't very moisturising.  It does give a nice, light glossy finish which I quite like on days when you don't want to wear any lip products. However, it is a good product to wear under matte lipsticks because its of a thin consistency and doesn't change the matte texture of the lipstick alot.
It may not be moisturising but as always I found it's use and that to wear under matte lipsticks and on its own which I like. It smells amazing and I do want to try other items from this particular range!

Have you tried any I Love... products?
What are your favourite scents and flavour?
Hareem x


  1. These do smell absolutely gorgeous. I have a couple of items in the raspberry and blackberry scent and the shower gel is beautiful but I did find the lip balm to be a bit then and the formula was slightly waxy? Not as smooth and moisturising as what I'm used to. Great review :) x

  2. Just the name sounds lush! I want to try this out now x

  3. all the "I love..." products smell so edible! x


  4. This does sound really nice! I love when a products smells amazing :) xxx

  5. I have it in a pink colour & i just don't use it. It does smell nice but It doesn't moisturise much and doesn't tint either so I don't have a use for me personally


  6. mango and papaya! how sweet is this! i would love to try out this product too <3
    would you like to follow each other?

  7. Mmmmm this sounds good enough to eat! I used to purchase flavoured lip balms in the past but i'd find myself licking them off, ha! xo

  8. I do love when lipbalms taste awesome but if its not that moisturizing then I think I'll have to pass. I really need more bang for my buck.

  9. best combo ever!
    i bet that taste delicious lol
    i have to find this now

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