03 December 2012

Stargazer Cosmetics

Stargazer Cosmetics* is a cosmetics brand that has been around since the 1980's. I don't know how I have never heard of this particular brand before because it seems to be popular once you search it! This brand is all about colour and attitude no matter what your style is. I am going to be reviewing some products by Stargazer today that I have been using  over the past week or so.
I'm not a huge eyeshadow wearer but I do love experimenting with colour especially when I am bored! haha I have three eyeshadows in plush purple which is a lovely shimmery violet-purple colour, peach flush,which is my favourite and envy green which is very true to the its name! These are from the pearl eye shadow range which means they're quite shimmery. The texture is really smooth and soft, quite velvety and these are fairly buildable. I love the pigmentation. These are bright and bold and if you love wearing alot of bold or bright colours then you must check it out! Peach flush looks lovely as a highlight or as an inner corner colour. I wore plush purple under my bottom lashline to add colour and it looked really nice. Stargazers eyeshadow range is really nice! They have a really good variety from velvet eyeshadows (which look great!) to even fantasy eyeshadows. I like that they have alot to choose from because there will something for all plus it's all so colourful!

I really like playing around with glitter. So when I got these it was quite exciting  I have alot of glitter gel eyeliners that I use on my bottom lashline when I do my eye makeup and just yesterday I tried out Stargazers  glitter liner in gold (above). It dries really fast and is buildable which alot of glitter gel liners have trouble doing. I saw a makeup tutorial on YouTube recently, by Dulce Candy and she did a gorgeous glittery eye and I loved it! I literally took out this glitter shaker by Stargazer in copper which is such a gorgeous colour and did a glittery eyeshadow look using it. It stayed on for a long time too and looked amazing! This is perfect for Christmas guys! It's such a festive colour plus you can't really go wrong with glitter ;)
And lastly some Stargazer nail polishes. I am really getting into nail painting recently. I don't know why because that used to be the last thing on my mind and something I never really cared for! Its all changing now! hahah
Again even with nails, they have a large variety from UV top coats to chrome, gloss and opal!
501 is from the cream nail polish collection if I am correct and just as the name suggests, the finish looks very cream like and and slightly glossy. It a lovely peach colour. 316 is from the ultra cover nail polish collection and is now my absolute favourite! I've been wearing this for almost a week now. Its a very dark red/ maroon  and when applied looks almost like a black red? Please excuse my describing skills! Perfect colour for winter. Also these are so opaque in just in coat and chipping is minimal too. I'll do a nail of the day with 316 very soon!

I love discovering new brands and glad to have found out about Stargazer. They're so budget friendly and great quality too. Everything you'd want.

Have you tried Stargazer Cosmetics?
Hareem x


  1. The peach flush eye shadow is my favorite among all this, i need to buy a shade similiar to this, my highlight eye shadows in my makeup kit run out so quickly.

    1. Its my favourite one! a great highlight colour!

  2. wow i love that glittery maroon colour nail polish. perfect for winter! :) x

    1. that is a really pretty colour. Ive been wearing it for a long time now! :)x

  3. It all looks so pretty! Love that gold-ish eyeshadow. I think it'll also look great as a highlighter :)


    1. its lovely as a highlighter! I love using that as an inner corner colour too :) x


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