04 December 2012

John Greed Blogger Pandora Challenge

Hi guys,
I don't own a Pandora bracelet. I wish I did. They look so beautiful and having a charm bracelet is a very personal thing in my opinion because every charm can be like a memory and tell a story.
A while back I received an email asking me if I would like to enter the John Greed £250 blogger Pandora challenge  It sounded great and I loved the idea of virtually creating a Pandora bracelet (which I must say I really enjoyed!). Plus as we all know, I am a huge bracelet person. The winner will get the Pandora bracelet they created. AMAZING!
The only rule is that it can not exceed £250.
Untitled #39
I absolutely adore sliver with black as a combination and I saw a lot of sliver and black charms on the website. My total for this bracelet came upto £225 :D

I chose a single woven leather bracelet in grey (£40 ) because it has a nice casual feel to it but when you add the charms you can instantly 'dress it up'. You can even wear this alone and it would look great. I personally also love woven bracelets because they look so modern.I love that its grey and not black because its alot softer even though its leather whereas black can be too harsh at times. Yeah that's my art student jargon!

For the charms, the first charm that caught my eye was the Red faceted murano glass charm (£35). It's such a gorgeous crimson colour and I just know that if I ever had a Pandora bracelet, this would be in the centre because its the show stopper. It has texture to it as well which I love because I am always attracted towards two things: prints and jewellery with texture.

I also chose the silver black enamel harlequin charm (£30). I learned enamelling in college a while a ago and loved doing it! We made enamelled jewellery and it looked beautiful. So when I saw this I straight away knew it was enamelled and when I read the description it was. The pattern that it has is lovely and again alot of texture. Its very elegant and classic which are the two elements that I adore in jewellery. Its so detailed and intricate as well and the enamelling is beautiful!

And lastly to finish off the bracelet, I came across these silver and purple enamel love me charm (£45). It adds a very cutesy element to the bracelet and keeps it looking very youthful. I love hearts alot because it symbolizes love. The colour looks lovely with the silver, black and red and it looks quite contemporary too.

I have to say I loved creating this!
I want elegance and youthfulness from my jewellery and I feel that these charms do that for me!
I love that I found charms with texture and detail as well as enamelling because it all kinda brings back my art class memories from earlier this year as I loved it!

What do you guys think?
Hareem x


  1. this is so pretty, i especially like the red charm and definitely agree that it's a show stopper. i hope you win (:

    1. Thankyou Jess :) Thats so nice of you! fingers crossed! ;) xx

  2. love your design!


  3. So pretty! I used to own a Pandora, but I don't think I picked out the right beads and bracelet for me as I found I never wore it! I love what you came up with, though, the red and black look amazing together!

    1. thankyou so much :)
      If I ever get one I'd pick all these charms for sure!

  4. What great choices! Pandora has the cutest charms! I work right next to the Pandora counter and I can't help but take a look every time I have to work. That red charm is actually one of my favs! It looks so pretty. Hope you win!


    1. I always go in there and look at the charms! so cute and pretty!
      thankyou so much! :)


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