31 December 2012

Boxing day haul

Hi guys,
So this is my last post of the year! and it's my boxing day haul. and its a lot of pictures. 
I 'kinda' bought quite a few things but alot of it was for my sister and mum too. Plus I really needed new clothing and shoes...and bags. I really didn't get any beauty items except for some nail polishes. Beauty blogger fail. So I finally photographed all this and other review products because the sun was out yesterday! Sorry for having alot of photos but there was alot! And  I'll now let the pictures do the talking! 

Candle holder (I think) poundland £1 (looks so pretty!)
Scented candle-Wilkinson's 75p
Vaseline trio tin-Wilkinson's £2.50
100 mince dishes recipe book-M&S £3 (I love this book!)
Tassel earrings-NewLook £1 (I was looking for some for a LONG time and finally found them!) 
Multi long chain earrings- Miss Selfridge £3 (these are soooo pretty!)
Atlas mountain rose collection set-The body shop £8 (smells gorgeous! almost a dupe for Paul Smith Rose!)
Scarfs- Matalan £3 each 
These are very long and the prints are lovely. 
Small side bag-Primark £3
Studded rose gold/cream handbag-Matalan £8
This is a huge bag! And I love the rose gold studs!
Handbag-TK.Maxx £15
This is for my mum :) It's so well made and quite sturdy too.
Cream studded flats-Primark £2 (I think)
Gold toe cap burgundy heels-Matalan £5 (absolute bargain!)
Cream/brown suede block heel boots-Matalan £10
White beaded flats-Matalan £6
Black glittery slipper shoes-Deichmans-£6.49

Yes, I want a bit shoes crazy. But I am okay with it because I won't be buying shoes for a while!
Nail polishes-Poundland £1 each
Animal print skater dress-Primark £5
Khaki skater dress-Primark £5 (LOVE THIS)
Sequin cardigan-Primark £5
Brown jeans-Primark £5
Penguin pajamas-Primark £4

That's all you guys! 
These sales are very tempting! Matalan had a really good sale this year and Primark was not bad either. I love boxing day. I didn't really like anything in Lush and the store was packed like as if everything was for free in there. You couldn't breathe. 
Did you get any bargains? 
Hareem x


  1. WOW! I thought I bought a lot aha! I'm loving the black glittery shoes, and such a bargain!
    you picked up some great things!

    www.freshbeautyxox.blogspot.com | Shona xx

  2. OMG I WANT ALL YOUR SHOES asdfghjkl

  3. Wow I only bought about one or two things in the sales!! Show me the stores you were shopping in!!! xxx

  4. 2 pound shoes?? OMGG!!! I love Primark!

  5. ooh the shoes look lovely! i bought the same bag from primark, except i paid full price for mine :( not that it matters too much, primark is so cheap!

  6. Genuinely jealous of EVERYTHING you bought! I wish I had a successful boxing day trip :( xx

  7. Gorgeous haul, i'm in love with all of those shoes :)

    Happy new year, hope 2013 is amazing!

    Sophierosehearts x

  8. the burgundy heels from matalan are to die for! xx

  9. OMG! This is HEAVEN! <3 Wish you an amazing new year! xx

  10. I would have never of guessed those heels were from Matalan :O LOVE!!


  11. Such cute primark flats! I wish we had a primark in the U.S.

    Girl Meets Beauty

  12. I got the rose gold studded bag from Matalan too! And some heels for a fiver but mine are the same colour as he bag! Love the haul!

  13. Great haul! Lov the nail polish colors!
    Follow me? Chiccupcake1.blogspot.com
    -Jen <3

  14. Great haul!!! And such amazing bargains!


  15. The burgundy shoes are beautiful!!!

    www.KokoLuxe.com :)

  16. Crikey girl, THAT is a serious haul lol :) You have some lovely things though.

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