30 December 2012

2012 favourites....Products

I can not believe this year is almost over!
I thought last year went by fast but this year was even faster and I am guessing the next year will be even more faster! haha

I did my favourites post last year so I thought I'd one this year too! There are so many products that I tried this year but I had to narrow it down to just a few, which was pretty hard! I didn't want this post to be really long.

So first up is my favourite BB cream of this year which I have already repurchased! The Pure BB cream is  about £1.99 I think and has suited my skin so well. It blends really nicely and stays on for a good amount of time as well.
Review here: Pure BB cream

Being a lip product fan this was hard but I had to pick my lip butters. Such a great product but the only thing that I don't like is the price which I think is a little too much and the amount you get! Nevertheless it's a great product and I use them so much. Really moisturising and great colour payoff.
Review here: Revlon Lipbutters in tutti frutti and sweet tart
                     Revlon lipbutter in lollipop 

I couldn't pick one mascara. It had to be two.
Maxfactor never fails to impress me with their mascaras and so the Maxfactor masterpiece  max made it to  this list which I need to go and get a bigger bottle of! Also after having a love hate relationship, I started to love this mascara and use it for night time alot. The Rimmel Scandal eyes mascara is pretty amazing.
Review here: Rimmel Scandaleyes
Review here: Maxfactor Masterpiece Max 

I love trying out different types of eyeliners and one that never fails me is the My face cosmetics Slinky eyeliner. It drys matte which I LOVE because I hate it when liquid eyeliners have that shiny coating to it. Such a great eyeliner. I've already repurchased this quite a bit.
Review here: Myface.cosmetics 

My favourite blush for this year is the AKA cosmetics blush in innocent which was introduced to me quite later on but its something I use everytime I do my makeup because of the amazing glow it gives. I really recommend this blush for a flawless finish.
Review here: AKA cosmetics 

This eyeshadow is the only one that I have been using since I got it. It's the L'oreal colour infallible eyeshadow in Sahara treasure and it's so pretty! I love using it for daytime and it applies so nicely.
Review here: L'oreal infallible eyeshadows 

The Pevonia anti blemish moisturiser for the spa teen range is hands down the most amazing moisturiser I have ever used! Its so light but really moisturising and not greasy. It's actually really helped  me with my skin as well.
Review here: Pevonia Botanica skincare 

I have alot more brushes that I like but this one by Ecotools that I got in a little set is lovely. I use it for powder, to blend out contour lines and to blend and apply blush as well and it does all that so nicely!
Its also so soft and no shedding at all.
Review here: Ecotools 

My Dr.Jart+  water max sleeping mask is my winter skin savior  I love this so much. I love the scent, the application and the way it feel on my skin. It really keeps my skin hydrated.
Review here: Dr.Jart water max sleeping mask 

Hope you liked this and send me links to your favourites posts too!
Hareem x


  1. I love the lip butters, I'm determined to get more of these in the new year! xo

  2. I've loved the lip butters this year too :) xx

  3. Great post!! I actually havent tried ANY of these.. xx

  4. Great choices, the Lip Butters were one of my 2012 faves!

    Sophierosehearts x

  5. I picked the BB Cream up in Home Bargains today but it was sealed so couldn't swatch it. It's a great price I just wish it had SPF then it would be perfect :)

  6. Those lipsticks look amazing and I'm a huge lipstick lover! xx

  7. Love your pick! Def lip butters are amazing

  8. wow 3 out of 12 of your favourites were lip butters! Definitely says a lot. There's lots of things I haven't used here but hopefully I'll give them a go in 2013 :)


  9. I have never heard of Myface.cosmetics :S I need to google this now lol...and I so agree - I hate eyeliners that are shiny I prefer the matte look too. Wow if lip butters were a big favourite of yours, I really need to try mine. I got one I think in Lollypop but I haven't got round to actually wearing it but I will now, after hearing they were your 2012 favourites. Happy new year hun :) xxx

  10. I love Revlon lipbutters! I always try new lipsticks but end up going back to them xx

  11. Love the Revlon lipbutters too! And if I look back at our conversations about them, I am not surprised they're in your 2012 favourites!


  12. Love you post..i love most Revlon Lipbutters...


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