11 July 2012

Rimmel Wake me up foundation

I am sure that everyone knows about this foundation as its been quite a popular one in the blogging world! I showed this in my recent haul post and I've been using this for quite a while, not necessarly everyday but on days I want a bit of a glow or some sheen. When this initially came out it didn't really attract me in a way and I just wasn't too fussed. But a while back on Twitter I asked what foundation I could use that's quite brightening and has a bit of a 
sheen/shimmer to it. A lot of you guys suggested that I should try Rimmel's wake me up foundation. So I went out the next day and purchased it in the shade true ivory and lucky for me it was on offer :) 

 My initial thoughts were that it's a very light weight foundation and gives you the perfect amount of coverage and let's your skin breath.  It has some glitter particles in it but not too much where comes the point  you sparkle! This is what gives you the radiance and the glow. 
As you probably know by now that I am extremely picky when it comes to foundations and at first I wasn't too excited but that clearly was not true. Like I said I don't use this on a regular basis but when I do I really do like it. So far its not caused any blemishes etc which is great as a lot of the times liquid foundations cause breakouts on oily/combination skin types. I love the packageing! The orange really pops and looks great on your dresser! Love the fact it has a pump dispenser which makes it a lot easier to get the desired amount. I need about 1 and a half pumps and I am done. It lasted for a good 8 hours on my skin without any touch ups. No cakeyness, smudges or any disappearing! It makes you glow and it appears very natural. I really do like this foundation! 

Hope you liked my review and thankyou for reading! 
Have you used this foundation? 
Hareem x


  1. I really like it too. I have to mix it with a darker foundation as the shade i needed wasn't in stock but i still enjoy using it.


  2. I like this foundation for when I don't want a heavy coverage foundation good price too
    Beauty Fiends Blog

  3. I have this and really like it :) xx

  4. This surely is a good foundation. Plus I love the bottle. :D

  5. This sounds like a great foundation! Plus the packaging is really cute, so I might have to pick this up!:)

    Fashions on Top

  6. nice packaging! i should get my hands on this:)

    i recently changed my username and Blogname as well, do have a look:)

  7. good that you liked it. (: i tried a sample of it and found it far too orange, maybe i need to give it a proper go.x

  8. really nice review

  9. I really love this foundation, I raced out to buy it when it was released and I wasn't disappointed, however whenever I use it I seem to break out in spots really bad :( x

  10. I've REALLY wanted to try this! But incredibly disappointed by the shade range, it's limited, bleh :/ xo


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