15 July 2012

OSMO Wonder 10

The last time I did a review on Osmo, it was on their Berber oil collection which I absoultly loved. Today I have another review and its focused on their new product called Wonder 10 ( RRP £11.40).

Wonder 10 is an all in one keratin based spray in hair, leave in treatment from Osmo's effects line. This product claims to give you 10 wonderous effects hence the name being Wonder 10. 

The 10 effects it promises to you are: 

  •  Helps repair dry and damaged hair
  •  Gives you thermal protection from styling tools 
  •  Nourishes and protects hair for radiant shine
  •  Delivers soft silky more manageable results 
  •  Contains colour protection complex
  •  Creates body and movement 
  •  Aids in prevention of static
  •  Incredible detangler
  •  Conditions both natural and synthetic hair 
  •  Smooths split ends and controls frizz 

This is the second time I'm using a product by OSMO and I am impressed again. First off the packaging is great. It's a black bottle with a purple font that looks very simple and chic. I have no problem with the spray. It's very easy to use. 

The directions to use this is to spray it in damp/towel dried hair evenly, and not rinse your hair. Pretty simple. I use this everytime I have washed my hair which is every other day and I don't use any conditioner. After spraying this I blow dry my hair or sometimes let it air dry. 

 I have mentioned this a lot in my hair product reviews that my hair is very thick and long which makes it tangle very quickly, frizzy as well as quite non manageable. This product really has combat all of those problems for me. Usually when I wash hair it would be tangled like crazy making it really hard to brush it. This made my hair fall out as well. Since I have been using this product, my hair brushes out very smoothly! There is a huge decrease in the amount of hair falling out and tangling. It's so much more manageable now.

 Another thing I have noticed is that my hair is very nourished and healthy compared to before. My ends are no longer dry and are very soft and there's a reduction in the visibility of my split ends. Now I know that split ends can not be mended in any way but there is less damage to my hair. I think when I was in college I went a bit crazy with hair straighteners and that caused so much damage to my hair and its still visible after 2 years. I don't use hair straighteners anymore but a curling iron and hair dryer at times.

 I wanted to see if this great hair is a result of me using the product on a regular basis. So I stopped using this for like 2 weeks and used no conditioner in my hair. It still had the same effect. My hair was still manageable, soft and nourished! Yep that made me happy. Considering this I will now probably decrease the usage to once a week maybe. 

 One thing that I do want you guys to know is that if you spray the product far too much, which you shouldn't as you need a small amount, it will make your hair heavy. You will feel it go heavy but it won't look greasy/ heavy. Confusing I know. But obviously no one likes that feeling in their hair. So small amounts. Would I re purchase this? Yes, I would and I do recommend this if your hair tangles quickly, is not very manageable, damaged and dryed out or lacks shine and nourishment. 

Have you used Wonder 10 by Osmo? 
Hareem x


  1. your hair has stopped falling out? seriously?? oh man i think i may maybe need to get this. my hair comes out like mad when im brushing it.x

  2. This product sounds fab. I have exactly the same problems as you - my hair has gotten so long now that it's always getting tangled and I'm fighting to get a brush through it especially when it's wet. Definitely going to give this a go if it saves me ending up with a big clump of hair after combing through!

    Lovely review, you have a great blog! :)


  3. going to have to try this soon, my hair is scarily dry at the moment...i can't believe how much drying your hair can wreck it so much! xx


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