26 July 2012

MUA Foundation

Hey guys
 I recently did a MUA concealer review and in that post I asked if you guys would like me to do a  
 foundation and BB cream review as well. A lot of you guys said yes, so here goes! 
 I've been meaning to get this up but for some reason I never really posted it. 
 I love mua products because with the low prices you get some nice quality products too, which made    
 me pick up this foundation as well. It retails at only £2 in which case I guess I wasn't really losing much.

It says that it's a matte foundation that gives you a velvet finish with the help of it's creamy texture and blends beautifully. The texture is definitely creamy but I found it quite hard to blend. It was far too streaky on my skin so it was pretty hard to blend out. 
I have oily/combination skin which means that I like to get a matte foundation. This foundation says that's it's a matte foundation and that is why I picked it up but it's far from being matte. It made my skin appear very shiny and quite greasy in a way which was not really the matte look I was expecting! I still tested this later on and during the day I noticed that my skin looked almost grey whenever I would apply this foundation. It stayed on my skin for a good 2 hours to be honest. Not exaggerating or anything but I can't stand this on my skin for longer that an hour or so as its so greasy and clogs my skin up. The consistency is normal, not to runny and not too thick and it gives you a very sheer and medium coverage. I have used this foundation about 4-5 times and after that its been sitting in my box of foundations. It's only available in 3 shades and the shade I got was actually a little dark for me. 

If you have oily skin then this is not for you. If you have dry skin you might like it but for me it didn't work out at all.
Have you tried MUA's foundation? Any thoughts?
Hareem x


  1. for 2£ i wouldn't expect great miracles, pity its so greasy.x

    1. yep totally agree with. I didn't really have high hopes but so many people actually compared to some other really nice foundations so I though I would try it. xx

  2. Thanks for the review! Too bad the foundation didn't turn out what you've expected of it. But like Jess ^ said, you can't expect much for such low prices.


    1. your welcome :) yeah youre right, I knew it couldn't be true! hahah xx

  3. I haven't tried their foundation, having dry skin and it being £2 always puts me off, I've tried the BB cream and it's surprisingly okay! :)



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