26 July 2012


Hey guys,
Today I am going to be sharing a search tool that I was introduced to a while back.
It's called Bellasearch. Nowadays beauty based search tools to find the best deals in your area are growing day but day and proving to be quite popular too. If you ask me I find them very helpful! I think I actually used one to find the best haircut deals a while back. Saved money too!

About Bellasearch: We’re a small company with a big idea! Murray had a salon, Alex has a marketing portal, Emily has a web design company. Together we decided to create bellasearch, a website designed to generate new treatment enquiries for beauty salons.

Bellasearch is a search tool that generates many different types of beauty treatments, salons,spas and beauty offers based around in Scotland. Now I know what you're thinking. I live in the UK? Yes, but I am actually soon gonna be planning a little trip to Scotland (It's either Scotland or Ireland but mostly Scotland!) with my mum and sister so I gotta say this new discovery has come in handy. 
Going on an all girls holiday is going to be great and very relaxing too. Before I came across this, I knew that we wanted to visit a spa and get facials, head massages etc. So if you live in Scotland or planning to go there for a holiday and would like to treat yourself for some super girly treats then Bellasearch is your place to get the best possible deal!

This is what the homepage looks like and on here there is already a little list of top treatment and top locations you can check out as well as popular salons and hot offers.If you don't find what you're looking there then you simple enter what treatment your looking for and in what area, in the search box.
I found this site very easy to navigate.You can simplify your search by filtering the price,salon type and products. 
For example I searched a hydration facial and I came across many salons who do this and you can pick the one that appeals the best to you.

I have always been interested in an Indian Head Massage  so I simply eneterd that in the search box and came across a salon call Mains Beauty which offers an Indian head massage for £20.00. Pretty good!
You can click on a particular treatment you are interested in and a menu would appear such as clicking on body, you can get many different types of treatments related to body.

I also wanted to see what products this particular saloon uses and there's actually a tab that tells you that too.
Theres are also other tabs such as packages where you are able to get an even better deal, as well as images of what the salon looks like.

I think this is a very useful website. Its very easy and fairly simple!

Hope you guys found this post useful!
Have you used or heard of Bellasearch before? 
Let me know in the comments!
Hareem x

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