21 June 2012

OSMO - The Berber oil collection

Hey guys,

Today's a bit of a review about 'The Berber oil collection'  (RRP £9.95) by OSMO. It's from  their little luxuries collection and the kit that I received very kindly contains a shampoo (75ml), hair mask (75ml) and a bottle of the original Berber oil hair treatment (10ml).

Since it's now summer and alot of people are gonna be going off on holiday, this has come in, just in time. This kit is intended for traveling because of the very handy sizes of the products. 

The Berber oil collection, 'Indulge yourself in the luxurious new Berber Oil Collection. A truly unique blend of natural oils including Avocado and the wondrous Argan combine to create a hair care experience like no other.'

This is the box that contains all the products, that are wrapped in black tissue paper and comes with an information sheet which is pretty useful. On the back of the box, all directions are stated as well as the ingredients in the products. I really like the box overall. It's quite striking and very edgy.

Berber Oil Rejuvenating Shampoo

I have completely used up this shampoo in the last 2 months I believe. I have very long hair, all the way to my waist line so I did have to use quite a bit to wash my hair. But obviously if you have shorter hair than you probably need less. It has a very spicy, very scented candle like smell which I think is really nice. It defiantly does makes your hair feel much softer and light weight as well as adding alot of moisture. Its a very mild shampoo so it's okay to use it everyday.
One thing that I didn't like was the fact that it isn't really foamy. I like shampoos that get foamy where as this was more creamy in a way. The packaging is pretty simple, very easy to use.

Berber Oil Restoration Therapy Mask

This is the mask that came with the shampoo and I have used this up as well, probably due to my long hair. Anyways, I quite like this. I used this on its own as well as with the shampoo and left it on for about 15 mins. It really nourishes my hair and make it appear very soft and silky and adds that extra bounce to it which is what I want from hair products. I know that this is infused with argon oil, olive oil as well as avocado which is really good for your hair. 

Berber Oil Hair Treatment

This is the argon oil that came with the other products. Now this is my little savior. I have been constantly using this everytime I wash my hair. I am half way through the bottle so you really need a small amount. The consistency of the oil is very thick in my opinion and to me it appears very jelly like. I have very thick hair so when I shampoo it goes pretty frizzy. So to tame that frizziness I simply use a tiny amount of this and just scrunch it in my hair. I do both, sometimes I will use it in damp hair or sometimes after its completely dry, both giving the same results. The ends of my hair are extreamly soft now! I am defiantly going to be getting a full size bottle of this. Its amazing what it does to my hair. My hair is very oily as well but this does not really add to it. Besides making my hair very manageable, it hydrates it, nourishes it and strengths it. My hair is on a bit of a recovery path after the extream use of straighteners so I think this has helped quite alot. A big recommendation!
Overall I have to say that this is a great little kit for travelling. It has everything need. You can wash your hair, use a hair make and even tame the frizziness. It retails at £10.95 which i my opinion is very affordable too.

Have you used these products?
What do you think?

Hareem x


  1. I haven't used these products but I've tried OSMO in the past and really enjoyed using it!

    Jess xo

  2. Iv used the hair oil and I think its great, I have naturally curly hair so I need something to tame the frizz as well as nourish my dry ends and this does the job well :)

  3. I so wanna try all of these!! Such a great review sweets <3 <3

  4. Hareem!

    I hope you remember me :) My blog was deleted about 4 months ago and I wasn't able to recover it. I made a new one about a week ago. I've been reading your blog and following you through bloglovin and pinterest :) But now I can comment on your posts again! yay!

    Thanks for sharing this review. Now I want to go buy this. I've never tried it, but I think my hair would benefit from it. Especially when I swim...it gets very dry :/



    My new blog: www.raven-locks.blogspot.com

  5. Thanks for sharing this clear review. It sounds like a product that I should try too! :) X

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  7. thanks for your reviews... think when reviewing products there needs to be more of a balance of the pros and cons...

    my aim is not to slate your site, i think its very sweet, you write so sweetly and your website is really pretty...

    hair oil is good to use no denying that.... all oils are a pain to wash out and some can leave a lingering smell... if you can hack it use them... being using hair oils for a very long time... can't say my hair looks like what you see in the ads (if only!)my hair is in ok condition maybe it is the hair oils i've used, who can say for sure! or it's attributed to... not using a hair dryer very often, rarely straighten my hair or rarely colouring my hair... but saying that i have friends who have lovely hair and have never used hair oil in their life and to top it off abuse their hair with straightners/dyes.... the mystery of having great hair....


    some things i've found with the oils:

    argan oil.... makes your hair greasy over time, careful with over using this one

    mustard oil.... tad easier to wash out than most oils, however, if your someone with soft fly-away hair and can't shampoo more than once without your hair getting huge.... avoid oils and go for masks.... or try something like amla juice(gooseberries), massage into the scalp/roots... supposed to be good stuff

    castor oil - evil to wash out.... you say to dilute it....you can't dilute oil in water... oil and water do not chemically react...

    1. Hey,
      Thankyou for your comment.
      If you've read my other posts, I have mentioned that I do test my products out for quite a long time and then post a review. Where there are cons, I mention it because why should I hide? I can't deliberately make up negative points about a product just to balance it.

      I also mentioned in my hair oil posts, that yes, its hard to wash it out as well as there being a smell but that's easily overcome by the fragrance of your shampoo. I've tested this out on myself and then wrote about it. Of course in ads its Photoshop (I've learned about that). All I am saying is that you can atleast try to make it appear better if you wish. I had alot of people message me saying how much the oils worked for them and the results they saw.

      With you saying that about castor oil, I also mentioned to warm it before hand which automatically will thin it out because its now at room temperature.I obviously know that they don't react but if you take 70% of water and 30% oil and really whisk it together it thins it out. Again I have tried it all out which is why I suggested it otherwise I wouldn't have.

      Every hair oil that I've talked about is not only to make your hair look pretty or nice. People may have dandruff, dryness, hair loss and want to grow their hair etc can use it for that as a natural treatment.


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