17 June 2012


Iam sure everyone has heard of My face cosmetics? Right?
Well I love the line and their eyeshadows are awsome! I love them!
So, today I'll be doing a bit of review for some of their products.
My mix foundation (£15.99)
So first up is their foundation which is called 'mymix' and I am in the shade 'Fair 02'. 
 When it comes to foundations I'm extremely picky. I usually use products like tinted moistureisers or bb creams as I find foundations to be too heavy for my skin. I usually want something that will give me light to medium coverage and something that does not feel heavy but also appear to be quite natural. I'm far too demanding! This combination however doesn't really exist too often. 
 I have been using this foundation for about 2 months now and I haven't really tried anything else. Well actually I did but cleary that didn't work. This is a beautiful foundation. I absolutely love it. A repurchase for sure. I have finally found my perfect foundation. This stays on all day long, doesn't make my skin turn dry or oily and looks really natural. The colour is also a perfect match for me. Just the right amount of pink and yellow as I am both pink and yellow toned, so its pretty hard to find the perfect shade for me.

 I wore this even when when we had that mini heat wave in the UK and it did not budge! Impressed! Now obviously you will not like this foundation if you prefer full coverage. I have used MAC, lancom, Estee Lauder and god knows how many other foundations but this is by far the best. All those were way too heavy for me .I feel like my skin can breath with this. This feels like a tinted moisturiser but does the job of a foundation. The packaging is great as well.

So to conclude: 
  • Light/medium coverage
  • Nice staying power
  • Good range of shades
  • Natural finish
  • Blends nicely
  • Small amount needed 

The Blingtone Eyeshadows (£12.99) 'crushed-pearl eyeshadows, create an intense,
metallic, foil-like finish'

I already am a fan of their eyeshadows.They are so pretty and for me they look pretty yummy! When they say Blingtone they mean it! 
These are packed up with alot of glitter and sparkle. I love matte eyeshadows but once in a while you need some sparkle in your life and if you are like me and love dazzle and glitter then you'll love these. These come in 15 colours.

Limelight is a beautiful, fresh electric green that drifts between green and yellow. It looks very intense in the pan but its actually quite a toned down green when applied, in my opinion. When I wore this it really complimented my brown eyes and it has great staying power as well. No creases either. There might be some fall out as the eyeshadows are packed in glitter. 

Raspberry Beret is a beautiful rich pink that can be sweeped on the lids or you can build it up. Its deffo a pop of colour on your eyes and looks really yummy!  
This pink/raspberry is very rich and intense but quite icy too. I love anything pink so this is deffo a attraction for me.


Their chrome nail polishes match the Blingtone eyeshadows which is great. These also come in 15 other shades and are all chrome/metallic. I love the chunky bottles! And any nail junkies out there would love these. 

Limelight is a green that just like the eyeshadow drifts with yellow and has a beautiful icy glow to it. Raspberry beret is a gorgeous metallic rich pink with an icy finish. The nail polishes dry quite quickly and you need about two coats. 

black ice '
A metallic blend of grays and silver, crushed onyx, diamonds and mischief.'(£10.99)
After the foundation this is another item that I am deffo gonna pick up. I have been constantly using this eyeliner. It has replaced all my other eyeliners and the funny thing is that I absolutely hated liquid eyeliners until today. This is your everyday black eyeliner with a very nice brush thats not too big or small but just right. The packaging is lovely. It doesn't smudge nor budge or come of or any of those annoying things about eyeliners. It's not shiny which I LOVE, completely matte and on the first stroke you get a nice medium line. If you're looking for a new eyeliner this is the one to try out. I really do recommend it.

Hope you guys liked this review and let me know what you think?

Have you guys tried out  Myface.cosmetics? 

Hareem xx

 Sorry I haven't been blogging lately but I am now back! been quite busy with my work and then my birthday came along but I have now finished my art foundation diploma and done with everything else! 


  1. Rasberry Beret looks like such a pretty colour. x

    1. Its really pretty! Its not as bright as it looks but quite subtle :)

  2. Wow, look at those eyeshadow and nail polish colours! I love them both xx

    1. haha They re really pretty and tbh very attracting! x

  3. Oh the blingtone eyeshadows are so festive! :D

    1. very festive! I know :) They really pretty when you apply it too :) x

  4. I so wanna try out the nail polish foundation and eyeliner. I have the blingtone shadow and really like it. Love the review sweets :)
    Oh and by the way my sisters name is Hareem too. ;)


    1. The eyeliner is the best one I have ever used and my sister agrees too! :D Love it :)
      hahah glad someone else is named that too! I never hear it! xx

  5. Those eye shadows look very appealing. Thanks for sharing :) xx

    1. thankyou :) very attractive aren't they! xx

  6. omg i need the raspberry berret eyeshadow, it is gorgeous!!wow-ee xx

  7. I agree. I love that they have lighter shades! its such a lovely everyday foundation :) x


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