21 February 2012


Hey people!
Hope everyone's good?
I recently went to Superdrug and Tesco to get some 'necessities', trust me some of these are.
So before I go to Superdrug I plan about what exactly I need to get but ya know the opposite happens and somehow I drift away to the Bourjois, Rimmel, MUA and Max factor areas. And then I end up buying something I don't really need but want. The end.

Got some shampoo. This was on half price for 400ml, so pretty cheap! I got 2 since it was such a good price. I believe it was around £1.60. This would be the first time I am using the beautiful ends shampoo but I have used it's hair mask which is a really good product so hoping good things from this!

Batiste was also on half price so I got one in Diva cause we all like to be a diva at times. Bad joke.
I have always and always used Batiste in Blush simply because I love the fragrance of it but I think it was time to try something different! At first I didn't really like the smell to this but it kinda changed after a while and surprisingly I now love this.

The Nivea moisturizer was also on half price - around £2 something for 400ml which I might also add was a bargain! I use this alot. This would be my 3rd repurchase. A little goes along way! Its such a good product! Keeps your skin moisturized for a long time! Cannot recommend this enough!

This is from Tesco. I though I would add this in here too. Now I found this from the reduction section randomly and checked the price and it was for only 31 pence! Now you can't go wrong with 31 pence. Its a conditioner for brunette hair from the Tesco hair benefits range and I though I would try this, randomly!
 To my surprise this is such a good conditioner! It leaves a really nice powdery fragrance in your hair and leaves my hair really soft and hydrated. I am not sure how much it is on full price but I am sure it's not alot.

I used to use the L'Oreal shine shampoo (the pink one) and worked very nicely but i wanted a change since my hair stared to fall. This is probably my third bottle of this shampoo. Its the L'Oreal triple resist shampoo for fragile hair or hair that has a tendency to fall. I gotta say this has worked very well! During winter my starts to fall like crazy gets dry and brittle but that has reduced immensely! My hair falling is defiantly less. I love this shampoo!

I can never get enough of MUA. If I am in Superdrug why am I not gonna go over to MUA?
I have post on this coming soon! Got some eyeshadows, the new eyeliner pens which I am in love with and a concealer.

Oh btw am on Hello Cotton now! come say HI ;)  
Did you guys grab any good deals from Superdrug lately? 
Let me know :) I would love to hear from you!

Oh and thankyou for following me and reading my blog! 

Hareem x


  1. lol that's a lot of contour liner!

    1. hahah it is! but its all in natural colours for everyday wear so I didnt go that crazy but they were doing a good deal...i shall talk about that in my next post ;)theyre only £1.50 each!

  2. I really wish they sold the MUA contour liner in Brum city centre Superdrugs aaaah xx

    1. order online! theyre so good i used my black one toady and it lasted me the whole! no eyeliner has ever done that for me haha :) xx

  3. ooo I love the MUA picks! do a review on them!

    1. me too! i working iam working on the review now! xx

  4. I really want to try the diva one and can't wait to go to superdrug at the weekend and check out those liners.x

  5. What does the Batiste dry shampoo smell like? x

  6. Love your blog! I just followed you. Recently started my own blog and I would love some feedback or maybe a follow!? Thanks so much, and keep up the good work!



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