23 February 2012

Extreme Contour your eyes

In my recent haul post I bought some MUA products and some of those were the new MUA extreme contour eyeliners. I am a total MUA fan for sure. They always seem to have a great new deal everytime a new product comes out. When I got these they had the offer on for buy any MUA product and get one these eyeliners for free. I actually just purchased two at first in Sea Blue and Black but I really liked them so i went ahead and got 2 more.I kinda bought them in natural colours (except for the blue) so that I can use these in the daytime alot. These are long eyeliner pens that are angled which means when you apply them as your top eyeliner its alot more precise and there a good amount of product too. These glide on like butter! All in all I got 2 and got 2 free which was great! these retail at a great value of £1.50 each.

When i saw these I was thought to myself how good is the packaging. the eyeliner itself looks very sleek and quite expensive! I love the sleek black packing it has and really like the fact that they come in a little box. I have this thing where I don't throw away the boxes; I even keep my perfumes in their boxes haha : | some say its odd?

I got these in the shades Sea blue (my favorite), Gunmetal, Auburn and black.

On the back of the box it gives you an example of creating different looks with eyeliner too.

This is in black. I have to say am very sorry about the poor swatches and the black is alot more intense. This is my new everyday black eyeliner! No joke but this stayed on from 7am till 7pm! I went to college with this on and came home sat there for about 2 hours, looked in the mirror and was like' wow the eyeliner actually is still on!'. When I swatched this in the shop I knew I had to have it! Though it did slightly smudge around the outer corner of my eyes but the staying power for the top and bottom of the eye is very good. 

This one is in auburn which is pretty close to a brown. I actually swatched the brown tester and no joke it was probably the best brown eyeliner I have ever seen. But unfortunately they didn't have it in stock. I checked again later but still no brown :( 

This is my next option! I wore this on my lower lash-line and it looked very nice, very natural. I really like the pigmentation of this and the slight sparkle it holds. 

This one is in Gunmetal. This is my least favorite only because the colour payoff of this is not as good as the others. I mean it is pretty gunmetalish and does the job but I thought the pigmentation factor was not as good as the rest. 

Ahh on to my favorite. When I swatched this in Superdrug I was literally like AHHH I HAVE TO HAVE THIS!

I love the pigmentation of this. Its a really nice colour for a strong look. I really like how its not a typical bluey blue but a very azure blue. It stays on very well. I used makeup removing wipes to take it off and it left a blue line hence its pretty strong! Its gorgeous...that's it.

Overall these glide on very nicely. These are very soft and not harsh to your skin. I like the angled look in them. The colour payoff is very good. They come in a good range of colours. The price is really very good and their staying power is really nice too.

Hope you liked this little review. I wanted to put up a picture of  me wearing these but I am too scared hahah Not brave to up picture yet! But I am thinking of doing it...SOON hehe
Have you guys tried these? Tell me your thoughts! Leave a comment :)

Hareem x


  1. Love the look of those !! x

    Http://ohhsoglam.blogspot.com :)

  2. About the false lashes comment I made on PinkSweetSz...
    False lashes fit into the same category as hair extensions and their is actually a hadith on hair extensions forbidding them so...
    You can out more here: http://islamqa.info/en/ref/39301

    On another note, I'm glad I visited your blog, I love it! :D
    What camera do you use by the way?


    1. hey, thankyou for telling me about that, I really had no idea!

      and thankyou for following me :D
      I just use a normal digital camera! its 10 mega pixels though :) xx

  3. Hi. I tagged you on my blog. Come and join the fun :)

  4. I have Gunmetal, but I don't really find it very pigmented, I want Sea blue. x

  5. LOVE the blue, I need to get that!

  6. The auburn shade is lovely x

  7. Ohh I love the look of these, I love wearing colour on my eyes!

  8. I love your blog and I'm following :)
    MUA is amazingly cheap and really good quality so I really like it too!
    <3 :D


  9. hey can you please use it on your eyes and show the look?

  10. I have to say, as I read your blog I'm amassing quite a wish list! These look really nice and I've yet to be disappointed by MUA so I would like to try these :)

    I like to keep my perfumes in boxes too haha <3

    -Hebe xx


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