25 January 2012

Estee Lauder

Hey everyone,
Hope you're all good :)
During Christmas time I ordered an Estee Lauder gift set thanks to my mum :) 
I though i would share my little treat with all you guys :)

Swarovski Evening Bag Collection

This came with an eyeshadow and blush palette, a lipstick and a lipgloss, a small eyeshadow and blush brush, the double wear eyeliner and any 2 free samples of your choice. I chose the sample sized  hydrationist cream and a sample of their fragrance beautiful which i absolutely love!

This is still available at Boots for £45 but I got it for a lot less from the Estee Lauder website as they had a special offer during that period. 

 It came in a beautiful, classy gold box which I adore. Presentation always counts and is always an important  thing for me.

And out of it came out all this! I got a little excited when I opened the package!

The brushes are small but work like magic. I really do like Estee Lauder brushes as I've used them before and they're really nice to work with. 
The eyeshadow palette- has a total of 6 highly pigmented pure colour eyeshadows (Tempting Mocha, Peacock Blue, Ivory Slipper, Pink Flash, Silver Bell and Amethyst Spark) and a really pretty pink blusher  in Pink Kiss. .

Double wear Eyeliner in Onyx and samples

A gorgeous lipstick in Rose Tea which for some reason came out as pink on my camera but it really is like a nude brown with slight pink undertones. 
And here it looks too dark haha
I love this lipgloss. Its a beautiful nude pink colour with some shimmer (Magnificent Mauve). I've previously used their lipglosses as well and I have to say I'm fan. they look gorgeous on anyone's lips. No stickiness, no coming off after 5 mins. Love them.

And lastly this beautiful clutch. The picture does not do justice at all. Its a beautiful clutch that came with this whole set . It has beautiful  Swarovski detail in the middle and it's just very classy and elegant. The highlight of this package!

Did anyone else get this set?
Let me know :)



  1. This looks so posh and flash! Some lovely colours in there too, all ones I'd use. Fab choice hun xx

  2. All that in one set, that's great. I love the clutch and estée Lauder make up is usually good x

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  5. I'm so jealous, this is absolutely gorgeous! The packaging is stunning too.


  6. Wow! Estee Lauder is such a classic brand. This set is all kinds of pretty.

  7. wow, loads of goodies! Jealous!

    Marie x


  8. oh my this is just beautiful. Love the gold palette I feel like trying them out :) <3

  9. you're pictures in this post are lovely. everything looks so pretty x



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