27 January 2012

Betty Hula

Hey guys,
Today I am going to review the The secret Oil  by Betty Hula who kindly sent me this a while ago.I am sure alot of you guys have probably heard of Betty Hula as its pretty popular especially their oil.

So firstly, Betty Hula is a company in the UK that was launched in August 2010, who sell handmade products   which includes their wonder oil and  body moisturizers. They are inspired by Hawaiian scents and I absolutely love the retro packing they do as well.

Now on to the review.

At the moment I don't really need anti ageing products as I'm only 18  but I did give this a go for a very long time, I'm talking months and I also gave it to my mum to use as well. I am an oily skin type and putting on more oil makes me feel quite weird? haha  But I still did it!

Even though I'm an oily skin type I get extremely dry patches near my forehead, cheek area and nose area. When I apply makeup after a couple of hours the dryness starts to comes through. After using this regularly at night, I defiantly have felt that my skin is alot better. The dryness is no longer very bad and after applying makeup it does not reappear.  My skin usually felt quite stiff in the morning hence being all dry mainly because of the climate here but now in the mornings it feels very nourished and quite soft. 

Here is the ingredients list:
Grapeseed Oil, Apricot Kemel, Avocado Oil, Hemp Oil, Vitamin E, Rose Absolute, Jojoba Oil. 

 This smells amazing. One of the most prominent secent in the oil has to be of the jojoba oil . I know that avocado and vitamin E is amazing for anyone's skin so this is perfect.

 And you don't really need alot like a drop or two and that will do, so it should last you a long time. I didn't really feel the oil to give me a greasy after effect and it gets absorbed into the skin right away.  Its also quite relaxing as well because of the smell and if you are to apply after you take a shower it will be great. 

I also gave it to my mum to try out and she said its great. It nourished her skin as well as she has the same issues as me. She also said that it helped reduce the redness and blemishes on her face as well and made her skin feel much softer. Overall she kinda loves it :)

So if you have any acne scars I would recommend you to use this as it will help the cells recover faster. Its pretty good for all skin types I would say. Nourishes, evens out the complexion and relaxes.

I would defiantly repurchase this for my skin as its helped alot.
The Secret Oil retails at £15.00 which isn't too bad considering how much you are gonna get. 
There is still like half left in my sample bottle.

Also available in selected Sainsburys stores. Read more about it here.
The full size glass bottle.

If any you lovely readers have tried this share your experience with me or would you purchase this?


This products is a PR sample, however this didn't change my opinion. 


  1. Never heard of this product but it looks and sounds great, I'm going to look into trying it now. Thanks x

  2. this sounds pretty good, i like thats its good for acne scars.x

  3. Deffo give it a try, it actually repairs you skin and makes it feel very nice :)
    thankyyou for the comments :)

  4. never used or heard of this brand, but im a sucker for anything anti ageing lol


  5. What an interesting product! I live in the U.S. and I've never heard of this brand. It does sound unique, though!

    Found you through the #bbloggers tag on Twitter!

  6. Did i just read acne scars? so wanna try this cuz i have alot :s Great review hun <3 :)

  7. Half price at sainsburys at the moment :D

  8. well i really hope i can get hold of this.. maybe for marks and stuff :)

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