18 October 2011

Twitter Troubles :(

Hey guys,
I am really upset today... as my twitter was hacked and I didn't know what to do.
I received a direct message from a follower and it was a spam link and I clicked it. And there we go... account hacked.

It sent of lots of messages to my followers from my account and everyone I followed the same spam link but I didn't have any control over it. I reported my account for being hacked. For a while it was okay but I have lost all the people who followed me and everyone I followed as well. What a rubbish day!

A couple of people were sending me rude sort of msgs saying that I gave them a virus and hacked their accounts but really the same thing happened to me. Some people even blocked me...

So sorry guys...it wasn't me.
I cant follow anyone anymore, no one can follow me anymore and its just rubbish. So i have deactivated my account. Don't know if i'll make a new one yet.



  1. Hey i got your message and sorry i didn't reply, i kinda knew it was spam anyway lol.
    Hopefully it's all sorted now


  2. aw bummer... let me know if u get a new account

  3. Awh sweetie it happens to most, don't understand why people are being silly about it to you. It's a common thing to happen but have you tried just changing your password? My tumblr got hacked so I changed the password and its all fine now :) xx

  4. thanks guys you guys are really sweet :) xxx
    ill let you guys know if I get a new account or get my old one activated :)

  5. Hey I got the message, but I'd received it from companies and stuff before. Never click on links! You should set up a new one :-)

  6. I don't have a twitter, but that really sucks. I hope you can figure things out!


  7. That really sucks :(

    Xo, Christine♥

  8. It wasnt your fault that you got hacked! I think some ppl were thinking you sent it on purpose, but this virus has been going around in the blogging community. I hope you make a new twitter account!

  9. That's horrible! I think I've only been hacked into once and that was when I had my myspace lol. Usually if you change your password it gets rid of the hackers, but lately I heard it's been harder than that. Sometimes the virus even changes your password!

    Good luck! xoxo


  10. awww this sucks. I'm so sorry :( It's okay your followers love you they'll start following you when you make a new one :)


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