08 October 2011

It's all about the hair

I seem to be doing a lot of this top 5 thing haha.
Sooooo, today I am gonna share with you my favorite five products for my hair. I have extremely thick hair that gets oily in like 2 days which is extremely annoying, sometimes even in a day!
Its also partially wavy, straight and slightly curly. Yes I have all three! haha

Okay so I am gonna 'try' to keep this quick and short.

1. TRESemme Curl Defining...Frizz Control Mousse

Having thick hair means that after every wash it blows up to a size of a balloon. So to make it less 'fluffy' I use this mouse in damp hair and work it in evenly. I really love this product. It defines the waves in my hair and that's it ...nothing else to do to my hair. It smells amazing and gives my hair a shine and gloss.

2.TRESemme Curl activator...Styling Mist

Yep another TRESemme product. Whenever I curl my hair or sometimes even on its own I uses this Mist by spraying it on and scrunching it in. I LOVE THIS! That's all I can say. Smells amazing, work amazingly and makes your curls or style stay all day long even for thick hair like mine.

3.Herbal Essences beautiful ends protective mask

This stuff is great! I am always very reluctant on trying out products by herbal essences because the shampoos never really worked out for me but I am in love with this item. Its smells so yummy! I did a review on this so if you want more detail click here. This mask is really nice. Gets rid of any dryness or any brittle ends in your hair and makes then look amazing. Silky, Smooth and Soft.

4. L'oreal Paris ELVIVE nutri gloss shine shampoo
I have been using this since the first time I ever saw the advert haha.
I have a lot of issues with shampoos. Various shampoos make my hair fall out so much. But this one is great. I've bought this over and over again. For me personally it does give me a shine and smoothness to my hair plus it makes them appear softer and nourished. Totally love this. Oh and yes smells good too. I don't think I will ever replace this ever!

5.Aussie Three Minute Miracle
I used to straighten my hair a lot and really made it dry and brittle. Ive stopped using heat products on my hair now but sometimes my hair can seem dry from the bottom. I use aussie three minute miracle for the recommended 3 minutes and my hair looks and seems really the opposite of dry and brittle.

These are all my opinions and it works great for me :)

I would love to know all you guys's favorite hair products! let me know :)



  1. Those are great picks. I'm a huge fan of Aussie 3 min miracle too. I have been curious about TRESemme shampoos. Will def try this.

  2. Fab post hun. I have the same kind of hair as you, wavy with curls, likes to frizz etc, so I may have to try out some of your recommendations.

  3. The Aussie 3 mins conditioner is pretty good ay! Keep meaning to buy the herbal essences mask! x

  4. Nice post! I have to show the first product to my sister, she would love it!


  5. Great review! My favorite shampoo of all time is Iso Bouncy Cleanse. It's amazing and it gives my hair lots of volume. It's usually hard to get my hair to not be so flattened down because it's heavy. But this stuff works like a dream!



  6. i have to try the tresemme curl defining mousse. Thanks for sharing :) <3

  7. love aussie miracle! smells sooo good!
    Lovely blog!

  8. i love tresseme products,it makes my hair smooth and shiny!


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