12 September 2011

VIVO Cosmetics

About 2 weeks ago VIVO cosmetices sent me some samples to test out. I didnt make it to the launch but I was greatful for them to send me some over instead!
I know its a little late but I really wanted to give these a good go and actually use them for a while and then give you guys the results.

Okay, so firstly I got an eye shadow palette which consists of shades of purple for a highlight, lid and lashline. The colour payoff is really good. Also they are quite shimmery, so perfect for a night out. They also last quite long but I would recommend to use them with a primer as they are shimmery.

On the back it also gives you an idea of which colour to put where which is great for a beginner.
Here's a swatch. This is the only swatch pic I had and it really doesn't justify.

Another item that I was sent was this concealer. It has a roller ball for application which I quite liked but some might not due to hygiene. Mine was in shade 1 which turned out to be a perfect match for my skin colour. The consistency is quite creamy and it blends nicely as well. Though I would add that its not suitable for people with oily skin because of the creamy consistency or those who want extream coverage. Great for those who want a natural finish or with a dry to normal skin type.

I was also sent this gorgeous lipgloss which is my favorite out of all of these! Its a really pretty shimmery opaque pink colour almost giving a pearl effect.
Just a note slightly sticky but not too bad. I hate sticky lip glosses but I quite like this :)

Here is a swatch of the gloss.

Overall the products are really nice. The price is really good as well...very much affordable. Available at your local Tesco.

Hope you liked it :)
Have you tried VIVO products? Let me know!



  1. Great post. The lipgloss looks so lovely! xxx

  2. i might have to look at their products when im next in tesco. they look promising

    BreezeyBee Blog

  3. never tried these bt they look nice!

  4. Their products look really interesting. I've been wanting to try the concealer but I have combination to oily skin so thanks for pointing that out! (:

  5. I've actually never even heard of his before, but it looks like some good quality stuff! : )


  6. so nice colors!
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  7. Their products look interesting the roll on looks like the garnier anti dark circle that I love :D just found your blog looking forward to stopping by often I'm a new follower ;) Hope you can check my blog too :)


    My beauty blog: My Guilty Little Pleasures

  8. These look like they might be pretty good, especially the eye shadow x

  9. i've never tried vivo products, but i would love to! these look so nicely made and are such pretty colors!

    i just discovered your blog, i love it! i am following! i hope you could follow mine, too :D


    sorelle in style

  10. I haven't tried vivo products yet but next time i am in tesco i am going to have to pick some up, starting with the roll on concealer x

  11. I really want to try Vivo but its not available here :)

    Xo, Christine♥


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