08 September 2011

Top 5 makeup bag essentials

Hey guys!
sorry for slacking! but I am gonna make a schedule for making blog posts so that I do this as well as my Art diploma :)

Anyways I thought of doing a makeup bag essentials post. This what I always have with me no matter what. A short and sweet post :)
So here it is.

1. Concealer
Concealer is my must have. I don't really use foundation on a daily basis but I use a conceler for any blemishes.

Rimmal concealer Hide that blemish
Great concealer with a creamy consistency

2. Elf all over cover stick
I have this with me when I am in a rush or don't wanna carry to much stuff. This is actually a really nice product by ELF once blended. You can use this as a blush, lipstick and or even on your eyes.

3. Mascara
I use the natural collection curling mascara almost everyday. It's only £1.99 and works like a charm.

4. Oil absorbing sheets

I find these really useful because of my oily skin. Its better to use them instead of caking on more powder or foundation. Really makes your skin feel 'lighter'.

5. Brown eyeliner

Brown eyeliner is almost two in one. You can use it on your water line or your lash line and also to define your brows. Black can be very harsh at times and brown liner softens the overall look.

Hope you liked it and tell me about any of your essential :)



  1. The only makeup i carry with me is lipbalm which i use loads and concealer - which is for extreme circumstances, and barely touched ie, crying. lol :P I just cant be bothered to touch up during the day :P

  2. Cool post! lol I love elf's all over cover stick. I usually have the same things as you, except not the oil absorbing sheets, I'm super dry lol : )


  3. Concealer is a must have at any time in case you need the quickest touch up and lift! xx

  4. I love reading your posts! It has really inspired me to do a make up post, since I always do outfit ones :) I'll have to try out that mascara that you mentioned. I use Clinique High Impact mascara, but I would soon like to use something cheaper. Maybe something organic would be great.



  5. @ racheal sometimes Iam the same as well haha really cant be asked at times :P

    @arrianne lucky you! no oily skin haha :P
    @tasmin so right about concealer :D
    really need it alot!

    @azu awww thankyou so much! I love your blog too and good luck with the makeup post! made my day! xx

  6. Amazingly beautiful

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  7. That mascara is really good i had one a while ago i think i might try it again x


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