28 July 2011

Comaparison- Foundation

I kinda just want to compare two Mousse foundations that I recently bought. Well one of them is my sister's.
I bought the No7 intelligent balance mousse foundation a while ago and after one use its been sitting in my drawer. I asked my sister to try it out and utilize it and she also put it back in the drawer -_-

It comes in a really nice packaging ( a glass container) and looks really nice and the texture, even is great but when you but it on your face, even the tiniest amount makes your face look really artificial and fake almost leathery, if that makes sense. I thought that Mousse foundations made your skin appear flawless and even toned? This did the opposite. I asked my sister and my mum to try it because every product reacts differently to someone else's skin but no.

As you can see its literally full. Another thing I might add is that after about lets say 20 minutes after you've applied this product on your skin the colour starts to turn almost grey and it just makes your skin really uneven and weird to be honest. There's a lot of No7 products that I do admire but this certainly not one of them. It cost me £12.50...definietly not worth it.

In comparison to this, my sister recently bought the Maybelline Dream matte mousse and it looks amazing on her skin. It looks really smooth and she gets a really even, matte skin tone that looks healthy. When I swatched it on hand it felt really velvety and I think I might purchase this one in my colour. It gives decent coverage well. The packaging is nice as well and the price is reasonable as well (£7.69).
Out of the two foundations, the Maybelline is definitely much better.

I have a horrible time with foundations. Just simply can not get my shade. The No7 foundation appeared to be my shade but when I looked at it at home it was way too dark.
Ever tried anyone one of these? let me know please :)
Or if anyone has any natural looking foundation suggestion let me know please :)


  1. I just use liquid foundation, it seems so much easier to use - I am currently using Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation. I'm almost done with it, and then I'll try Almay Truly Lasting Color Liquid Foundation. I'll do a review on Almay later

  2. I have read a lot of great reviews for Borjuois healthy mix foundation. Have to try it for myself though. I use the clinique one. It's alright. Love your background :)

  3. ya heard alot about the bourjois foundation might go and get it tested :) thankyou! finally happy with it :D x

  4. I've always had a hard time trying to find the prefect foundation lol, but I've heard good stuff about the dream mousse ^.^


  5. I used to use the dream matte mousse too, then my skin got really dry and i couldnt use it, but now its normal again and i want to try it!! Btw, the headers I design are free, silly! :P All i ask is that you put a little sidebar banner in your sidebar with a link to my blog :) xx

  6. I dunno if your still using dream matte mousse, but i'm using it currently and i'm loving it, i have dry skin so using this on my skin can easily led to patchy ness so what i do is i mix my moisturiser along with the mousse and it looks good. I have the shade (30 sand).
    If you dont use it as foundation you can still apply it as a eye primer :p

    hope it helps.


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