14 February 2017

Estee Lauder - Skincare and Makeup

In January I was invited down to Debenhams Leicester where Estee Lauder were hosting an event. I am very familiar with Estee Lauder as a brand and adore their range of products and what they have to offer. I think my mum has been using Estee Lauder for as long as I can remember and that has clearly been passed down to me. I am an avid user of their Double Wear Foundation and their lipsticks not to mention perfumes. Double Wear is such a well known foundation that I don't think I even need to go into detail about it.

This was what I would describe as a very unique event to go to personally. I like events where the people behind the brand actually speak to you and what they represent as well as demonstrating the amount of hard work that goes into each and every product they develop, and I got all of that at this event. This was one of the 4 events in the UK I believe so I was very lucky to be there. Estee Lauder had actually brought their product development team with them where they almost demonstrated the science in beauty for all of us.

They team had brought and showed us guys how the imaging machines worked, where it would essentially take a photograph of your skin that then measures the tones, pigmentation and textures in your skin. This information is then used to develop products where aspects such as the varying tones and textures are considered. I remember one of the team members mentioning that this way they could even find new tones or textures that exist, that may not be on their database or that they may know off. I found this very informative and just felt that yeah this brand that I like using actually is putting so much effort into what they are offering to the various consumers and just to see what sort of research they do and how they decide to incorporate this research and results into their marketing and products.

After the science came the part we all love. Makeovers. I wanted to my foundation colour re-matched and one of Estee Lauder's global pro makeup artists, Blair Patterson assisted me through this. He has been with the brand for 15 years or so I believe (don't quote me). He was just amazing. I had a slight fan girl moment because I am a little bit of a fan of him and he helped me so much. I had been using 2 different shades of double wear mixing it together, and thanks to him it is a new shade and 1 bottle that is all. He helped me by telling me what my actual undertone is and in the end he actually just did a full makeover for me and I loved it.

I was kindly given a goody bag with some skincare and makeup bits in there which I will hopefully review soon. I feel as though their skincare needs a massive shout out because it really is amazing. I love their serums and moisturizers. I have a sheet mask that was in my goody bag that is amazing. The best. This was genuinely such a great little experience I had. It was so great to actually see and hear what a brand does when it comes to creating products and all the hard work and effort.

PS - I need to get my hands on their Bronze Goddess bronzer. I am very into my bronzer at the moment and I was in love with it. I have just purchased the double wear maximum coverage foundation. Amazing.

Hareem x


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