05 September 2013

Vanilla Paris - Beautiful Handbags

Hi Guys!
I wanted to share something with you guys today that I came across a while back. Vanilla Paris is a site that I actually found via Twitter. They have some beautiful and some very classy leather handbags, some of which I am in love with!  
I love them all. They have such a great variety of colours, shapes and sizes. 
My absolute favorite is number one, two and four. 
1 is called the Oxford pink bag. I adore the baby pink shade of it and how classy and elegant it looks! 
2 is called the Bertie Fushia bag which is another colour that I am in love with. This is such a stand out colour in my opinion. Bag number 4 is the bag that I think I would like to get personally! It's almost a dupe of the popular Chanel bag. It's called the Claudia cream bag and retails for £99 which is of course a lot but considering the Chanel one is probably 5 times more this one is a keeper! It is not beautiful?! 
The third bag is called the Apollo bag I think. The one I picked is is a neon kinda shade which I know so many people love these days! I can;t find the exact link to it but here is the same one in black. The last 2 bags (5 and 6) are from the Bertie 25 range. The berry colored one is probably a bag that I think is perfect for winter and the grey is lovely too. 
You can check out the Vanilla Paris site for other lovey designs an colours. They do cost a little but all bags look so well made and it's all leather too. I guess it'll be one of those great investments! I love how elegant each piece appears to be. 

Which is your favorite?
Hareem x


  1. I love number 2! I could happily spend all my money on bags haha x

  2. The number 2 resembles the Birkin! Vanilla bags are good quality leather hand bags and bough many from them. The price is good too.

  3. I love the dupe for the Chanel bag, but is it as good quality as the original? Very nice cream color though

  4. I liked number 4, because I believe this would look really good with professional clothing. Being a professional worker means lot of hard work while sitting in office place or your work area. competing with all your colleagues in silly topics is sometimes funny but the way you carry yourself shows good side of yours. Thanks for adding some of the great design patterns. Can I have these bags online? Visit the link below for online shopping for handbags, I found it kind of useful.


  5. Amazing display! The bags are so chic and stylish I would say. I am in love with all the bags, especially the pink one is looking fab. Designer handbags are always associated with luxury and class and all women would love to have one in their wardrobe. Being a huge lover of handbags, I love of collect handbags of various brands. Even I have a separate wardrobe for my handbags. Few months back, I purchased a pink colored Kilkenny orla kiely handbag which is in leather stuff. The bag is pretty much stylish and comfortable

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  7. I almost freaked out at the thought that my new bag could be a fake. I am such a goof. Fortunately, the bag was authentic with brand new tags still attached and it was in gorgeous condition.
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