10 July 2013

The Dip Hem Dress, upgrade on the Maxi? - Guest Post

Hey guys,

If you have not been reading Halima's blog - Fashionicide then you're totally missing out!
I have a really lovely guest post by Halima today. Her blog is actually one of my favourite blogs to read. I think I started to follow her blog back when I started blogging and loved it!
Hope you all enjoy the guest post and do leave a comment :)

Hello hello!

As you may have read in one of my previous posts, I've become more than just a little obsessed with midi dresses of late. Well now, I've taken it one step further: The Dip Hem Dress!

Back in the days when they first burst onto the scene I really liked the idea of them, but I found that whilst some would be the perfect colour, the perfect fabric, the perfect cut or the perfect neck-line; I found that none had all four. Call me fussy, but I won't wear something if there's something about it I just don't like.

Another factor that completely turned me off wearing Dip Hem dresses was an old manager of mine. On one of our 'Casual Fridays' she quite literally waltzed her way into the office with her Dip Hem and, without wishing to sound like a complete cow, it was incredibly unflattering to the point where I wondered why would anyone want to wear something like that?! I think what really sealed it for me was this lovely belt she'd wrapped around it, exposing lumps and bumps that need not be exposed.

Fast forward 12 months though and I've gotten over that minor ordeal and purchased my first Dip Hem dress from eBay. Now I know what you're thinking: 'These are So 2012!' But honestly I'm not too fussed with 'seasons', I'm only interested in what looks good. And after trying out a few on the high streets my mind was changed.

I feel that the Dip Hem is a bit of an upgrade on the infamous maxi dress, it doesn't swamp the petite ladies (like me) plus you don't have to be ultra-cautious whilst walking around fearing the awful RIIIIP noise of someone treading on the fabric! And speaking of the fabric, I love how the natural flow to it makes me feel so feminine.

Silver Studded Purple Dip Hem Dress - TOPSHOP Petite (via eBay) 
Gold Studded Skinny Belt - Gift
Zip Bowling Bag - Atmoshphere, Primark

As simple as this dress may appear to be, it still manages to feel quite dressy. The asymmetrical cut of the skirt, the flowiness to the dress and the simple studded detailing around the shoulder just oozes class. If I were to wear this out for a celebratory occassion though, such as a certain ex-manager's leaving do, I'd have to pop an embelished crop-top over it.

"What's this?" I hear you say "Halima's featured a handbag in her OOTD?"

You'd be quite right! I can't recall having ever featured a handbag in any of my OOTD posts over the years. A big thumbs up to Primark then for producing this stunning ZARA-esque bag and retailing it at only £10! I almost fell over when I saw that a bag of this quality in Primark, I began questioning life, the universe and everything.

When I got it home, it turns out that even little Wilhelmina loved it too, so much so that she often sleeps inside it! It was so good I had to go out and get another, one for me and one for her! HA!

Thankyou for the lovely guest post Halima :)
Loved reading this! How amazing is her makeup?!

Hareem x


  1. I've just discovered Halima's blog the other day and really love her style. I love this outfit, especially the contrast between the studs on the belt & dress!

    Just Like Heaven


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