25 July 2013

Leicester Blogger Meetup Anyone?

Hello Hello!

I wanted to do this quick little post today. For the past month or so I have been wanting to do a little meetup in Leicester where I live. There are a few bloggers here but I am sure there are more but I just don't know!
I really want to meet other beauty bloggers! How much fun will that be?!

I am planning this meetup in Leicester for around the end of August/beginning of September but in order to plan I need to know who would be interested. There are never any sort of meetups here so I thought it would be nice. 

So if you'd like to come along let me know! I am not too sure what we will do but I will start planning once I know even if any of you guys would like to come!
I do hope that made sense. So, if interested please leave a comment below with your email and twitter :)

Thankyou so much and I hope you would like to come! 
Hareem x


  1. Hell yeah, count me in! xx


  2. Id love to come along! If you want a hand with organising it too, I'd be happy to help!




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  4. Hi, I'd also love to come along.



  5. Oh I never knew this was happening until I saw Sophia's comment on twitter just - is it limited to spaces? If you could tweet me back that'd be great! @MissEmmaLou_


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