02 June 2013

Smooch Cosmetics - Black Lash Mascara

Hey guys,
Happy June! It's officially my birthday month! ;)
Hope you guys are enjoying the sunshine too!

I've been taking blog photos all day today because of the sun. I thought I'd review the Smooch Cosmetics Black Lash mascara* (£8.95) today after finally taking some images and having testing this for months now.
Smooch says 'A bold black lash mascara for framing gorgeously glam eyes. For show-stopping, sexy lashes sweep the full bodied mascara wand across your peepers and flutter away!'

Like all other Smooch packaging this is also very cute and pretty! The lace pattern is lovely.
I am gonna be completely honest and say that the first few weeks or even month, I used this and I really disliked it. I don't what it was but I felt like it wasn't doing much. I left it then and after a few weeks I tried it out again and was pretty happy with the results! Weird huh?! I have no idea what happened the second time but it made my lashes appear really nice and long. This is certainly a natural daytime mascara for me. But it can be build up by adding a few more coats. It's not really the boring daytime mascara where your lashes look a little lifted and long and that's it but this is a little bit more 'dramatic' for daytime but still nice and natural. The brush size is quite big and it's all natural fibers. My favourite type. I didn't have any problems with the brush. It works really well and the consistency of the formula is fairly thick. Looking at the brush, I thought it would add alot of volume because of how large it is but it actually lengths. It doesn't add alot of volume but instead defines the lashes and  make them appear fuller without being a clumpy mess. I've been enjoying using this for another reason which is how it makes my lashes appear almost 'fluttery'. Who doesn't like that?! 
Overall, if you like natural mascaras then this is for you.  :)

Have you tried this mascara?
What is your favourite?
Hareem x


  1. I love this packaging! it's super cute. The mascara seems lovely because it's so natural, perfect for a natural look :)

    Eve x | ChantellEve.blogspot.com

    1. It's great for daytime! Very natural x

  2. It looks perfect for natural lashes like you said but I much prefer statement lashes :( the ones that people think are fake! Haha! xx

    Gemma ♥ | MissMakeupMagpie.co.uk

    1. I sometimes change up to that! Mostly at night though :) x

  3. Packaging is so cute plus its name :) it has done a fab job btw!

  4. Looks absolutely beautiful on you! So natural. :)


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