07 June 2013

Natural Ways To Fight Dry Skin - Guest Post

Hey guys,
I have a really lovely guest post today by Amanda who blogs over at Skin HQ. I've recently started reading her posts which are really well written and very informative about skincare. You guys know I love anything to do with skincare and so I am really happy to feature Amanda on my blog!
She has written a great post for everyone about Natural ways to fight dry skin (my winter issue). 

Natural Ways To Fight Dry Skin

Dry skin can be itchy, irritating, and downright frustrating. It makes flake or looks scaly, which absolutely no woman (or guy) wants. But before you reach for those expensive moisturizers and skin care products, why not try the natural (and cheaper) approach first? Yes, you should remember to always drink plenty of water and choose a goodmakeup for dry skin. But what are some of the less obvious ways to fight dry skin naturally? Let’s explore!
Get Plenty of Vitamin E

Vitamin E is amazing for your skin. It's loaded with antioxidants that can protect your skin cells from free radicals. If you take a pure vitamin capsule, break it in half, and apply it to your skin, you will give your dried out skin a good chance to soak up some moisture, and your skin will feel softer and smoother also.

Take It From The Bees

Use pure, natural honey as a mask. Honey is a humectant, meaning that it holds in water molecules, which is perfect for dry skin. It also helps to pull in moisture from the air, and it is loaded with healing properties that can help repair any damage done to your skin- and yes, this includes blemishes as well. Simply rinse your face with warm water and apply the honey. Allow it to sit for at least fifteen minutes, and then rinse it off with more warm water. Voila! Finished!

Try An Avocado Mask

Take a ripe avocado, peel it and pit it. Cut it in half. Save half of it by placing in an air tight container in the fridge, and put the other half into a bowl. Mash it up, add ¼ cup of honey, and mix well. Rub this gooey mixture all over your face and let it sit for about fifteen minutes. Rinse it away with cool water, and you're ready to go.

Add Some Oil

Olive oil, that is. If you have dry skin, whether it be on your face or some other part of your body, dabbing on just a smidgen of olive oil and rubbing it might just do the trick- and fast. You can see an immediate difference in the texture of your skin, and yeah, it only takes one application.

Pour Some Sugar On Me

Well, don't just pour it on yourself. You should actually mix equal amounts of fine brown sugar and any oil (we suggest olive oil, but any will do) together. Take this mix and rub it in your skin in circular motions to hydrate and exfoliate your skin at the same time. If you want to help fight acne at the same time, you can add in a tablespoon of honey or a dash of lemon juice.

A Natural Cleanser is a Must
Increasingly, there are really great products that offer natural alternatives to harsh, chemical-filled cleaners. Try to focus on a more natural approach when cleaning and washing your skin – many cleaners do a great job of removing oil from your skin, but at the cost of drying it out.
One of these natural ways to fight dry skin is bound to work for you. Give one- or all of them- a try, and find out how well they work first hand. We're very sure you won't be sorry, and your wallet will thank you too. If you want to tell us what you think of our natural remedies, or if you'd like to offer us a dry skin remedy of your own, feel free to do so in the comments below.

Author Bio: Amanda is a skincare fanatic and author of SkincareHQ.org where she shares her favorite beauty brands and tips. Aside from writing about makeup, Amanda loves to travel and one day dreams of visiting Italy. Questions or comments for Amanda? Feel free to connect with her @Skincare_HQ on Twitter!

I hope you all enjoyed reading this and do go over at Amanda's blog!
Let me know in the comments what you thought!
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  1. OH my lanta. I'm off to try ALL of these, at the same time, which is probably not good, but this post was so helpful! Love hearing something other than 'stay hydrated'! My skin is getting a tad oilier now that it's getting warmer (can I ever win?!) but I'm bookmarking this for when it goes bone dry again in the winter! Thanks for the helpful post! xx

    - Jess
    The Mod Mermaid

  2. Thnx for this I have very dry skin and will try out some of these





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