11 June 2013

Concrete Mineral Eyeshadow - Review + Looks

Hey guys,

This review is well delayed. I was so excited to review these for you guys but everytime I get excited about a certain product something annoying always tends to happen.
Concrete Mineral eyeshadows* are a brand that stock amazing mineral eyeshadows. They have an array of colours in different finishes that are bold and vibrant. I am so impressed with the colour range! They're all so gorgeous! Their pigments also contain no parabens, fragrance, talc or any other fillers. They are 100% vegan and cruelty free.

Now, I wanted to review these about 2 weeks ago. I took images and everything and just had to do some swatches and apply them onto my eyes so you guys can get a better view. My eyes have been really irritated for the past weeks which meant I could not apply any makeup and have only gotten better which is why the review is delayed. First I thought I'd create some looks but later decided I would use the shades on it's know so you have a better 'view' I guess, of the colour. Ps- plee excuse the dodgy eyeliner in all the images! Oh and my eyebrows :/ 
Kinky (£6) is a gorgeous inky blue colour. It's a black based teal that has multi coloured glitter speckles running through it which looks beautiful when the light hits it. You can wear this colour on it's own because it's base colour is black and when blending it it almost looks like you've created a smoky eye. 
Smut (£6) to me appears to be a muddy purple that has a silver undertone to it. It's quite a unique colour as I haven't seen it before. This looks matte at first but actually has a lovely sheen to it. This just like Kinky can also be worn on it's own as it has duel tone quality about it. 
Hi-Fi (£7) is from their Pro matte line and is a stunning matte magenta/cherry colour. It looks like a shocking pink to me as well depending on the light. This is really very bright. I love the quality of it. 
Bullet Proof (£7) is a cobalt blue and is STUNNING. I love this colour because you guys probably by now know how much I love cobalt blue. I mean just look at it?! You can even say it's an electric blue. Who knew there would an eyeshadow in this colour?! 

The eyeshadows:
The mineral eyeshadows are so pretty. The pigmentation is on spot and amazing. The texture is soft and they blend really easily. With a primer, we are talking even more amazing colour payoff. I always have difficulty blending pigments, but all 4 of these were so easy to blend out and soften up. I love the two tone effect you get in the mineral eyeshadows from the normal line as you can wear them on their own with a little eyeliner which would look gorgeous.
The Pro matte eyeshadows are equally stunning. It's not often that you find matte colours in pigments that have an incredible colour payoff and that blend well. The texture of these is quite velvety. Their entire matte line is actually designed for people who love colours. I have to say these will be perfect for makeup artists or anyone who really enjoys wearing colour or creating special looks. I just love the way they blend. I think if you layer some a glitter or opaque shimmer shadow on top of these matte colours it will look amazing. These are super vibrant and bold. 
One thing I will say about these particular matte shades I have is that they stain your skin slightly if you don't use a proper eye makeup remover. 

Concrete Minerals are now being stocked by Cute Cosmetics as before they were only available in the US. 
These are really affordable as well and completely worth it. The colour range is simple beautiful. 

Have you tried any eyeshadows by Concrete Minerals?
Hareem x


  1. the colours are gorgeous! lovely review, bullet proof is my favourite, such a lovely blue :)
    which eyeliner did you use for your eye swatches? the wing looks so precise!

    1. Thank you lovely! :) it's stunning! I haven't seen such a beautiful colour in a while.
      Thankyou! I use my face cosmetics 'slinky' eyeliner :) xx

  2. OMGGGG! I am loving the Cobalt Blue!!! I fall for anything cobalt blue but this eyeshadow is something out of this world! <3 I need it in my life! Love your eye looks too! :D

  3. Oh wow these are amazing! I could do so many things with these lovely colours the possibilities are endless! Lovely review x

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

  4. Wow.. I've not seen nor heard of them before, but I love the look of the neutral shades :) the bright ones are a bit too vivid for my liking xx

    Gemma ♥ | Ɱiss Ɱakeup Ɱagpie

  5. The Pro Matte eyeshadows!!! OMGG! <3

  6. Wow! Those colors are all so gorgeous! I really like the one called "kinky." That's a really pretty color.

    xo Azu

    I need these in my life, if not to use, but to just longingly stare at. That inky blue shade and the matte hot pink are just TOPS! Thank you so much for sharing these! *continues to flail* SUCH gorgeous colors and that pigmentation!

    - Jessica
    The Mod Mermaid

  8. Oh my...the colour range! =O this is why I love makeup...colour! Love these types of products, they're so versatile. xo


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