26 May 2013

Nivea Beautiful Smile Extreme Resist Lipgloss

Nivea Beautiful Smile Extreme Resist Lipgloss. That is a very long name. I am no sure whether to describe these as a lipgloss or a matte lipstick because it's a 2 in 1 product.
After having these for months now, I thought I should review these lipglosses by Nivea as I haven't actually used any makeup by Nivea nor read any reviews of them, except maybe their primer. But that's about it. I was quite surprised to see that they came out with some lip products and had high hopes too because I really like their skincare.

The product claims to last up-to 10 hours and give you a beautiful smile. 
This is a double ended lipgloss which holds a matte liquid lipstick on one end and a clear gloss on the other end and have a doe foot applicator. Both the products have blue shimmer running through them which is what I suppose gives you a brighter smile or in other words, whiter teeth. A win. 
I put it to the 10 hour test and I am happy to tell you it lasted! I had food and drink and it was still present. When I swathed these on my hand, I tried to remove it but it just would not budge. If you remove this with a cosmetic wipe, then I'd say a deep stain would still be present on your lips. The gloss actually suggest on the back that you use an oil based cleaner to remove it which makes complete sense. But I love that they stay on for 10 hours! That is pretty amazing. If you decide to apply the clear lipgloss on top, I'd say you have to re-apply only the clear again after 4 hours. But the liquid lipstick doesn't budge. 
I usually wear the liquid lipstick on it's own because, well, I am not really a gloss kinda girl majority of the times. 
I like lipsticks to be really matte at times and this dries to a very very matte finish. I love it. There was also no bleeding of the lipstick considering their colours and the colour payoff. Talking about colour payoff, the pigmentation is absolutely amazing. In one swipe you get an opaque colour. The swatch image does not do justice because of the lighting but these are amazingly pigmented and vibrant. 
Oh and let me just tell you that these are available from Poundland. Trusty old Poundland. £1 each. 
For that price these are amazing! I've still seen them stocked in Poundland so go and get them! 

Have you tried these yet or spotted them in Poundland? 
Hareem x


  1. These look great! And in poundland?! I'm onto it! :P xx

  2. I think I'll have to go grab myself some from Poundland, thanks for informing us! x


  3. 10 hours?? That's amazing hun! They look so pigmented and the shades are fab, love them! :))

    Andrea | RosyChicc

    1. It really stays for that long! I was so surprised. xx

  4. That's so amazing! From poundland? Bargain!
    They look gorgeous!

    I have never seen them. Thanks for the heads up :)



    1. No worries! There are lots of deals in poundland :) x

  5. these look really nice, i'll have to look out for them next time i'm shoppping! x


  6. Wow, that colour pay off! I've not been to pound land in ages, it's weird, I've only ever seen nivea as cosmetics there?

    1. I think it's because they are American and poundland is American? Maybe.
      But great deals! x


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