09 April 2013

Stargazer Paper Lashes - Review + Images

Hi guys,
Hope you guys are enjoying the little bit of sunshine we've been getting!

Today is a little review of a product that I was very excited to see when I received it!
Stargazer recently launched some new products and one of the being some amazing paper lashes. There are 6 really cute designs that include hearts, butterflies and feathers. I am a fan of stargazer because their products are such lovely quality and inexpensive. The colour range is awesome! I received a pair of some very cute Stargazer heart paper lashes*.
I love the heart shape to it as well as the intricate criss-cross pattern within the lashes.
They come in a cardboard packaging that includes an eyelash adhesive as well. The instructions are written on the back of the pack incase you're not sure which was great. I have never worn fake lashes in my life. I have tried to apply them but it just doesn't work. So, you can say I was a little unsure but surprisingly these were lovely! It probably took me about 4 minutes to apply these. At first, I thought the glue was probably nothing special but this is a great adhesive. It was far better than any other one I have used.
These are such lovely quality and look really cute. I applied these on the corner of my lash line and have includes images of them on my eye. They'd look lovely with eyeshadow or without. I like that they aren't too dramatic but very subtle compared to other paper lashes. If you take them off carefully you can reuse them like I did. Think I can still use them again! I think these look really artistic and fun and I love some of the other designs they have!

The Stargazer paper lashes retail at only £6.
I'd deffo recommend these if you like to add a little bit of a drama to your makeup!
You can check out the range here.

Have you tried paper lashes before?
Hareem x


  1. These look really cute! I'm not a fan over the over dramatic looking lashes that are similar to this, but I like how these aren't so in your face :) Lovely review and pictures xx


  2. these are really cute and I love how you've done your eyeshadows! xx

  3. These are seriously cute! Not sure i could pull them off but I'd give it a go :) great post xx

  4. They look beautiful! It looks perfect with the shadow you've put on too =]

  5. Love these, so cute! What eye shadow are you wearing?! Looks gorgeous! xo

  6. Ah, so pretty on your eye! x

  7. I love the lashes, so interesting!

  8. I really love the colour of your eye shadow! As for the lashes, sweet but not my thing but then again I'm a plain Jane! x

  9. So are adorable! I'd love them for a Queen of Hearts look xx

  10. They're super cute!
    Visit www.themuse.tv

  11. Wow this is the cutest thing I've ever seen haha! They're adorable, anyone who'd walk in in a party wearing those would grab looks!!

  12. They look really cool but they'd irritate me so much.
    Plus I've never had much luck with Stargazer lashes.

    Sally x


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