06 April 2013

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation - Worth the hype?

Hello guys,
So I posted a wishlist about a week ago and in that I also said how much I wanted the Revlon Nearly
Naked foundation. This product has been hyped about a lot and I was lucky enough to actually win one from Revlon including a limited edition Jason Brooks print! It was pretty surprising when I got these in the mail! I was going to purchase this foundation anyways because I had heard many amazing things about it!
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As you may know, I have a love hate relationship with foundation. I can't stand foundations that feel like you have a mask on your face and the temptation to literally wipe it off after applying it. I've tried quite a few but only 1 or 2 have passed the Hareem test!
It comes in a glass bottle and I have the shade 150 nude which I feel is a shade too dark for me but after applying a lighter powder it works.

This is the only foundation that after simply one use I knew I would repurchase it. That has never happened! It's very light weight and has light/medium coverage but it's buildable. I always want good coverage but a foundation that's not heavy. A very difficult combination. It covers what I want covered, if that makes sense. I have combo-oily skin but during winter it's rather dry-combo. So for this time of the year it's lovely. I want to see how it would work in the summer and in the heat. It lasts literally all day on me and doesn't look like I have alot of makeup on. It gives you a lovely glowy finish almost dewy in a way but not the kind of dewy where it looks like your face is sweaty. That's not a good look! It applies and blends really well and is very smooth texture wise. It evens out your skin tone and gives the appearance of a clearer complexion.

So overall, this is deffo worth the hype. It's light weight but gives you decent, natural coverage as well a glowy finish.
I would recommend this for sure! The name nearly naked says it all!
Only downside, it has no pump. It can get fairly messy that way! I just wish it had a pump dispenser as that's the only con to it.

Have you tried the Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation?
Hareem x


  1. I really want to try this, it sounds lovely! I'm currently trying to finish up some of the thousands of foundations I already have but this is definitely on my list :)
    Lovely review, thanks :D

    Jesss xo

  2. I love this foundation :) By the way your avatar is not linking to your blog anymore just to let you know :)

  3. This sounds fab! I will have to check out the colour range next time I'm in Boots! xx

  4. I love this foundation, it's so dewy and perfect for Spring and Summer! <3 xxx

  5. i have not tried this foundation but it sounds good! keep up with the blog! www.victoriasarahblog.blogspot.co.uk

  6. I'v been very curious about this foundation but there's a lot of mixed reviews out there so i'v not tried it myself yet. Sounds promising from what you'v experienced though! =]

  7. I do really like this foundation but I feel like it doesn't last well on my skin, but then again not many do :/.

    Sally x

  8. WOW! I am glad it's worth the hype because i have been meaning to buy this! thanks for the great review <3

    Zara (Bows and Pearls)

  9. Seems like a great foundation. Would definitely give it a try. xx

  10. Hi gorgeous! : ) I feel your pain with foundation it's so hard to find one you're in love with! This foundation sounds perfect for me in the Summer as I like my skin to feel light and fresh as opposed to the Winter months I need a little more coverage!

    Thank you for sharing this and your detailed post!
    Lots of loves ❤

  11. I might pick this up in winter, sounds promising :)

  12. This sounds so lovely, I just worry foundations will never be light enough for me or if they will oxidize and go abit orange! I'm so picky I will take and look and swatch this one though :) Thank you for the heads up!

    Jamie-Lee|Glitter Infatuation Beauty Blog!

  13. So glad that I came across this post! I’ve been wondering whether to get it and now I’m pretty much sold! I have the same skin type as you and look for the same in a foundation, so it seems like a winner! I just need to get over the ‘no pump issue’...

  14. I'm a more heavier coverage kinda girl because I'm conscious of blemishes but this review has kind of swayed me a little (damn you, I have too much makeup already!)

    hahaha ;)



  15. Ooh - i really wanted to try this! We have the same skin type so looks like it might me one for me too - thanks for sending me your review!

    Love Zoe x

  16. This sounds lovely! I have the same problem as you: I want covered what needs to be covered, without feeling like there's an entire mud bath on my face. That's why I like to use concealer, but I need a good foundation. And if this works for you, it'll work for me! Since we have the same problem skin and the same demands :)


  17. Great Post love Foundation...:)


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