22 April 2013

NYX eyeshadow Pigment in Exquisite + A look!

I have always and always wanted to try NYX. Who doesn't? Their products look so beautiful especially the blushers and the lip products. A really long time back I had won a giveaway which I did a blog post about as well, held by the beautiful and really sweet Kayleigh from Couture girl  (such a beautiful blog!). One of the items she included was a NYX pigment in Exquisite which I loved the look of. After all this time, I decided to use it and thought I'd share my opinion and also a little look I came up with! :)

IMG_5888 (2)
IMG_5889 (2)
IMG_5894 (2)
IMG_5899 (2)
This is a stunning colour. It's a very rusty orange shade which looks almost bronze in the container but once swatched and applied it's more of an orange toned colour. I did layer the colour twice to get a vibrant finish but it really is beautifully pigmented. It lasts a long time on my lid as well. It's a very fine and soft powder that glides on once you start to apply which means it also blends really easily with other colours as well. Of course, because it's a pigment there is fallout but I used a flat eyeshadow brush to pat the colour on and blend with another shade. It's actually a very wearable colour. I didn't really think you could wear this a lot but it really depends how you use it. For example, you can simply dust it for a lovely shimmery finish or use it with colours to create a dramatic look. It's deffo a chrome eyeshadow because it's very metallic  and has that gorgeous duo chrome shine to it. I feel this colour would suit alot of skin-tones too because of the bronze undertone to it and will last a long time too because you need the tiniest amount! I also did a little look while just experimenting with this, which I hope you guys like! I used a dark purple colour and a little bit of a brown to soften the look and blended them with exquisite. Let me know what you guys think. :)

Have you tried any NYX products? Any favourites?
Hareem x


  1. This is such a pretty looking pigment! I love the look you created with it :) xx


  2. Oh my goodness, it's so pretty!

  3. Looks really pretty! Looks like it would go perfectly with my M.A.C Melon pigment. Really pretty!


  4. Ahhh this looks stunning hun! So pleased you like it, I love mine! Its soooo pigmented and pretty!! Fab photos lovely :) x x x.

  5. I love the look you created with this, so pretty :)


  6. A new follower to your blog, I've never tried any NYX products but so many bloggers love them! Absolutely love your eye make up too!

    Beth, x

  7. ooh this looks amazing, love the look you created - which camera do you use? the photos of your eye are so perfectly focused (i have to take about 50 photos of my eye every time and more than half of them are out of focus argh)!

  8. This looks beautiful! I will definitely have to try out some NYX pigments!


    Kerry xo

  9. This looks lovely! Such a pretty shade:) Sophie xx

  10. Amazing colour and looks gorgeous on your eyes! x

  11. What a stunning colour! Loose eye shadows make me really nervous though if im honest! but the look you have created it beautiful!!

    New follower!!


  12. Looks absolutely gorgeous on you! x

  13. Oh wow Hareem you look gorgeous! You HAVE to tell me how you take such good pictures of your eye makeup? I really struggle :( xx
    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  14. I love these coppery tones, your eye makeup look amazing! wow! =) xo

  15. Gorgeous look. I have some pigments but because they are a bit messy I end up never using them :)

  16. I love how there's sprinkled pigment on your lashes, might've not been done on purpose but it looks gorg! Also the color is really nice, a lot of nyx pigments are stunning, I'd go for them over mac pigments any day because of the lower price tag

  17. Such a beautiful shade, I love coppery browny tones like this. And your blending is amazing, girl - flawless makeup look xx


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