18 April 2013

My Top MUA Picks!

It's not a surprise when I say almost every blogger out there likes MUA products, including myself. They are inexpensive and good quality. I have quite a few items by MUA so I decided that I'd share my top picks or my MUA must haves! Initially this was like a top 5 post but I couldn't only pick 5!
The ever so popular Heaven on earth palette is an essential for all you girls out there. Who doesn't like a good neutral palette? I know that the undressed palette is also very popular but I still think that the heaven on earth palette is a star! 12 lovely neutral colours that can be used for a day or night look for only £4.
I love this brow kit with a doubt. For only £3.50 this is one amazing little kit to have. I use this everytime I have to do my brows and they look very soft and natural. I did a review of this here if you're interested in reading more about this little gem! 
I recently talked about this highlighter here and had to add it here because this is really lovely! It looks nice, blends great and is inexpensive. I love that it's not too yellow or too pink. Almost like a benefit high beam in powder form. £3 for this lovely little product!
I also love the MUA 3 in 1 extreme contour liners. I have read a few reviews saying that they have poor pigmentation but not for me. The black and sea blue are to die for. These two shades are stunning! I also like the gun metal shade and auburn for a natural no makeup type of a look. these are the only colours I have tried out though. Test these out in Superdrug! These are only £1.50 each.
Their intense glitter eyeliner pencils are also a very pigmented product that actually lasts on your waterline for a good amount of time. The black one has been purchased by me several times! A must have for me. It's only £1 per pencil and come with a sharpener in the lid. 

So these were my top MUA picks! 
I would love to know what yours are and if you love any of these products!
Oh and I have been trying to switch up my photography. What do you guys think about it? 
Hareem x


  1. I love love love the highlighter!! I usually use a no 7 one but this is definitely just as good..and cheap!!! High 5 to MUA! Xxx

  2. Great post honey! I so need to get the eyeshadow palette, all shades look so pretty! <33 The highlighter is fab too! :)


  3. I absolutely love the Heaven and Earth palette


  4. MUA Brow Kit - just perfect! I love the Undressed palette too. x

  5. I love their eyeshadow palettes, concealer palette, lipsticks, highlighter and..everything basically haha :) such a lovely brand! Great post hun xxx

  6. I have the undressed palette and im extremely happy with it along with some of their blushers.. Waiting to try their newly released power poutt! :)


  7. The Undress Your Skin highlighter looks gorgeous! I still want it x

  8. I have the gun metal contour pen and haven't really used it, time I dug it out xx

  9. I have the gun metal contour pen and haven't really used it, time I dug it out xx

  10. Have you done a previous review on the pro-base? Wanna know about it! :D xx

  11. Hey flower - I really want the highlighter, for the price it's just insane. I've heard so many good things about it! Definitely popping into Superdrug to splurge tomorrow.

    Lots of love, fab post ✿

  12. I love MUA, I recently did an MUA Haul which you can read on http://kimberley-xxx.blogspot.co.uk
    I love the quality of the products for how cheap they are, and the eyeshadows are amazing aren't they!


  13. Only the highlighter I didn't like because is too pink for my skin tone if it was a bit more on the gold side I would love it :)

  14. Ooh lots of lovely products :) I've not even tried MUA before, will definitely need to pick up a few bits and pieces though.
    That highlighter is first on my list :)



  15. Love the heaven and earth palette. xo

  16. Amazing Post! Love the picture...I love MUA products and really grab to them when It comes to the affordable makeup products and will always buy something of theirs when I pop into superdrugs.


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