01 April 2013

Angelica Nail Colours

Hello everyone!
My new addiction is nail polishes. I am currently looking for nail polish storage options (feel free to let me know!) as I seem to have accumulated far too many.
These Angelica nail polishes are the newest addition to the family. These are some of their new shades are now on sale.
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The soft satin matte effect nail polishes are so lovely! Peppermint is a lovely mint shade and Au Naturel is a lovely nude. Both dry matte and look really nice! I love the effect it gives because it look very natural and smooth. My favourites however are Ibiza Summer and Spring Break. I LOVE glitter nail polishes. For me no nail look is complete without a bit of glitter to it especially the chunky glitter. I have been wearing Spring Break a lot lately. There are 7 different types of glitter in this but the most prominent are blues, oranges and yellows in it and looks so girly. I really want Brit Pop as well which is another lovely glitter polish! Cobalt blue is one of my favourite colours right after bright pinks. I adore this shade. I have a lot of clothing in this colour as well so having a nail polish in the same shade is a win win. Ibiza summer is a cobalt blue and is super bright and glossy! LOVE.

These are quite opaque nail polishes and you need about two coats. With the glitter one, it doesn't come out even on the applicator so you'd have to apply it quite evenly. With a top coat the nail colours lasted for about 3 days which I think is really good because these are fairly inexpensive. These retail at £2.75 and can be purchased online and in any Primark stores. I've just bought a few more from Primark!

Have you tried any Angelica Nail Polishes?
Hareem x


  1. These polishes look great! I love the look of the matte ones and they are great for the price!! x

    1. yeah price wise these are lovely! The have a great colour range as well! x

  2. Spring Break looks gorgeous! I have a few Angelica polishes and I think they're really good :) xx


    1. that one is my favourite! Love the glitter!
      The price is great x

  3. I really like the matte shades! xx

    1. they look really different and makes your nails look really natural too! x

  4. Those Matte finish ones look lovely! xo


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