25 April 2013

30 ways to save £1

Hi guys,

A little bit of a different post today.
Money Supermarket have asked  bloggers to give them their tips on saving money as they are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the £1 coin! All you have to do is blog about 30 ways to save £1. You can read the full details here
I actually really loved writing this post because I am quite a thrifty person I'd say!  ;) 
So here are my tips :)

1- Check out charity shops for great bargains and some gorgeous gems! 

2- Make E-bay your best friend.

3-Amazon is my favourite place to get books, hair tools and any other crafty items from. Usually half the original price and they have great deals too!

4- Use sites such as Freecycle to trade items within your community for free!

5 -Carboot sales are a firm favourite of mine. I recently bought 6 books for only £1. My favourite place to be.

6-  Create a budget. Limit the amount of money you are to spend on food and other necessities per month. Helps you stay organized too.

7- Create a savings account. I love this because it's like tucking a little money away and using it when you really need it!

8-If you buy a lot of hair and beauty products (like me!) purchase from discounted stores ie. home bargains, savers and bodycare.

9- Buy items such as food in bulk. Always a big saving!

10- Look around for discount or voucher codes. You're are bound to find one, if not two.

11-.Walk instead of taking your car or public transport. Good for your health and environment as well. 

12- Switch off unnecessary lights around the house. We still get told off for doing that!

13-  Switch off the central heating that is turned on 24/7 instead switch it on for half of the day or put it on the 'auto' setting.

14- If you have clothing or any other items you have never used or don't use anymore, sell it on sites like E-bay or even have a blog sale!

15- Freeze your food. If you make a dish in a large quantity, how about freezing portions of it for later? If you cook in a large quantity you save money on ingredients and gas. 

16- Buy food items from the shops' own brand such as Tesco value or ASDA's own. They literally are the same as others but ALOT cheaper. 

17- DIY. Need to dye your hair or do your nails? Do it yourself as now there are so many products that tell you exactly how to colour, ombre or highlight your hair rather than spending alot of money at a salon.

18- Keep a water bottle with you that you can re-fill. So many people spend so much on water which I find ridiculous. I am literally always filling my own bottle rather than purchasing one everyday.

19-Book train tickets or any travel arrangements a month or two before as you'll find a very inexpensive deal.

20- Use cashback sites such Quidco.

21-Get your grocery shopping done in the evening, preferably at 9 or even 10 as that's when they reduce alot of products!

22- Make your own lunch rather than buying from outside. This links in well with number 9 and 15.

23- Swap items with friends and family. You get new items in a way!

24- Use Orange Wednesdays from cinema days. 

25- If you like to go out on family days out to places like Alton Towers, use the 2 for 1 vouchers that usually some out every year on the back of your cereal or washing powder box!

26- Use your advantage cards. Collect points on your Boots or Superdrug Cards and later utilize them for a purchase.

27-  Find dupes for makeup and skincare products. Usually a alot of saving but you get the same gorgeous thing!

28-  Make the most of deals in shops. A lot of shops have great offers such as buy one get one free or 3 for 2. You can stock up on necessities such as bath products when half price offers are on. 

29- The waiting game. If you love something that has just been released and really want it just wait . I usually end up getting half off this way.

30- Growing your own food can also be a money saver. I actually grow my own herbs such as sage, basil etc. (yes, I am like an old lady).

Hope you liked reading this! 
Feel free to let me know of your money saving tips! :D
Hareem x

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