06 March 2013

W7 Nail Polishes

Hello guys,
Finally, UK has now been giving us the impression that spring/summer might actually be coming. I am quite liking the sunshine! Oh and also, it's not getting dark at 2 pm! :D
Talking about spring, when I saw these W7 nail polishes*, I immediately thought of how these would look amazing in summer. Just look at these beautiful, bright and bold colours. 
A picture of W7 nail polishes in Cafe Au lait, Space Debris and It's Pink.
A picture of W7 nail polishes in Cafe Au lait, Space Debris and It's Pink.
A picture of W7 nail polishes in Cafe Au lait, Space Debris and It's Pink.
I am not new to W7 nail polishes. I've previously tried them out and have been very satisfied.
Theses three colours are a new addition to my growing nail polish collection! 
Cafe Au Lait is a nude colour with a slight pink undertone to it. It's actually a lovely nude shade. Because of it's pinky touch, it doesn't look horrible or white like alot of other nude polishes might look like in my experience. I love layering glitter and effect polishes on top of this too, which looks really cool. 
It's pink is a neon which is super duper bright! This is a perfect on trend colour. All I suggest is to apply a base coat before hand so it doesn't stain your nails. It's really opaque in one coat.
Space Debris is my favourite not only because I love the colour and the type but because I love the name! 
This is a pink with red under tones to it. It's quite a difficult colour to describe! It has multi coloured glitter to it, as well as lovely a sheen of shimmer. This takes up to 2-3 coats to build it up as it's a little sheer. But I like to layer this on other colours and nudes such as Cafe Au Lait. 
I tend to change my nail colour after 2-3 days so until then chipping is quite minimal. It applies well and are 15 ml. Overall for £3.45 these are pretty good! W7 actually has a great range of colours and types when it comes to nail polishes. I am still a little unsure of where you can purchase W7 products from but Xtras stock them and so does my local House of Fraser! 

Have you tried W7 Nail polishes?
Hareem x


  1. Such pretty colours, will have to try these out! x

  2. I have one in Pillar Box red and it's such a pigmented colour! x


  3. Cafe Au Lait is beautiful, my kind of shade x

  4. I really like W7 polishes.. they're just as good quality as polishes 3 times more expensive! I love the Glittery pink colour :) xx

    Gem ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  5. I recently purchased a super glittery polish by these guys. It's pretty good quality! And cheap too. :) x

  6. Love the shades! It's pink and space debris are soooooooooo pretty! :)


    Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  7. Cafe au lait looks so pretty!
    The other shades are gorgeous as well :)



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