11 March 2013

Sleek Blush by 3 - Lace

Hello everyone!
Sleek Sleek Sleek. Such an amazing brand. I adore Sleek and the products they have to offer. The quality is lovely and so is the price! Sleek's Blush By 3 is also another famous products of their and quite a genius one too! So, today as you probably have noticed by the images plus the title is a review of the Sleek Blush By 3* Palette in Lace.
IMG_5829 (2)
IMG_5859 (2)
IMG_5857 (2)
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I adore blush. You guys know that by now! I have a little too many and this is another addition! Sleek's Blush by 3 in Lace was my favourite out of all the palettes and it is beautiful! The packaging is of course lovely and very 'sleek' as well as easy to use. Lace is a trio of three very pretty colours that are based more on the coral side I feel. I love corals as they suit my complexion alot more than other do and they are perfect for summer time. It has a matte orange shade called Chantilly, a rose gold shade with gold shimmer to it called Guipure and a matte red toned coral called Crochet. The pigmentation is really great as always and its very easy to apply plus blend. The blush stays on for a good amount of time as well. Guipure is my favourite one out of all three because of the lovely rose gold finish to it! I feel this particular blush by 3 palette will suit an array of skin tones because it is coral toned. It's just a very handy compact to have plus a little extra addition for all you blush lovers!
This retails at £10 and can be purchased from Beautifeye.com . They also offer free worldwide delivery on all orders over £20! I know some people on Twitter were asking if anyone knows of a site that offers free worldwide shipping for Sleek products and this site came to my mind!

Have you tried any Sleek blushers before?
Hareem x


  1. I definitely need to pick this up! I only have a couple of Sleek blushers, but they're by far my most worn out of all the ones I own! xo

  2. This looks lovely, I really need to try some Sleek stuff!
    living-with-olivia.blogspot.co.uk x

  3. i love the middle shade, at firs i thought it was sleek rose gold but just saw the name! :) xx


  4. i have been wanting to try out Sleek Makeup Blushes, but unfortunately i dont live in the US. thses are beautiful colors. hopefully i will order it soon from the UK. feel free to check out my blog: alizarayne.blogspot.com

  5. I lovve sleek! their blushes especially are just lovely! i need to pick this up x

  6. Ive wanted to get this for ages! www.cherrytruth2.blogspot.co.uk

  7. I've been meaning to try this for a while now...all three colours look absolutely gorgeous!

  8. I really want to pikc a blush trio up by sleek! I have the single one in 'Life's a peach'. I love how they're subtle on the cheeks and not extremely pigmented and overpowering!



  9. I am so obsessed with this blush, even though I haven't yet bought it. :D

  10. Those sleek blushes are the bomb I hear! They also look like the bomb, they're soo pretty, thanks for the review if I'd get one it'd be this because like you said it looks like it'd suit anyone!


  11. This looks amazing! Coral shades on the cheeks are lovely :)


  12. Hey, I just came across your blog and I love it! It would be amazing if you could visit my blog too. We can also follow each other if you like! :)


  13. I am totally going to get some Sleek blushers when I run out of the few blushes I have. The swatches are amazing x


  14. This blush looks gorgeous :) Such pretty shades! xxx

  15. I've been wanting to try this blush for a while now but could never find it in store! thanks for the link to the website. Going to spend the evening scrolling through it ;) x


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