22 March 2013

MUA Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter

Hey guys,
Firstly can I just ask someone, why is it snowing? in March?!
I am so tired of this cold weather and a bit sad that I can't wear my summer clothes. :(
Anyways, I bought this MUA highlighter in the beginning of last month and have actually been kinda testing it out since then. I fell in love with this, the minute I saw it on the MUA website and I literally went and got it! It reminded of a MAC msf because of its really lovely design!
It's a shimmery highlighter with a metallic sheen and looks beautiful in the pan. The design to it is gorgeous and in my opinion it's pigmented quite well. It's not too pink nor too yellow like some highlighters can be. I like that's it's in between because I don't really have a lot of highlighters because they can be too pink. It blends nicely too and have a velvety texture to it rather than a powdery texture.
Even though it's shimmery, it doesn't look like a glitter ball on your face. It's lovely and very subtle and soft. It reflects the light off from your skin and is great for everyday wear because it's subtle. Kinda makes your skin look luminescent. Also, it lasts quite well on my skin too which was another plus to it!

It retails at £3 which is super inexpensive and if you're looking for a new subtle highlighter, I'd recommend this one.

Have you tried this highlighter?
What is your favourite one?
Hareem x

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  1. wow I can't wait for it to be stocked here so I can get it asap! :) swatches look fab!! xx

  2. ooooh this is so pretty.. think I may have to try it! your pictures look pretty nice, what camera do you use?

    alsoooo recently i accidentally deleted half my blog posts and i managed to get them back but the comments are no longer there :( could you check out my blog please? would mean alot..

    it's: alicekatex.blogspot.com

    thanks xxxx

  3. I want this s bad, seen so many pretty photos :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  4. I tagged you in the The Procrastinating Beauty Blogger TAG check it out on my blog:)
    Grace xx

  5. Great post! I've only ever tried liquid highlighters before, but with that price tag, I'll have to give this a go!

  6. This looks great will be picking this up next time i'm in town.


  7. I've actually been eyeing this up! Think I will pick it up when payday comes xx


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