26 March 2013

Catwalk Glamour Makeup Brushes

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Today, I thought I'd finally review these makeup brushes that I have been using for almost a month now by Catwalk Glamour. It's their 21 piece makeup brush set* which is a lot of brushes!
PS- I do apologise for some of the images! They are slightly out of focus :(
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I'll just start by saying that anyone who is starting with makeup should think about getting these because it has almost every brush you would need for powder products. I don't think I need any more eye makeup brushes! This is a 21 piece brush set so it has quite a lot, like I said. It comes with a black faux leather brush roll but you have a choice between either that or a red. The black appealed to me more, as it looked really sleek but if you love a pop of colour then the red one is amazing! I love the leather pouch. It's  really nice quality and quite soft. All brushes come wrapped in some plastic and the thinner brushes had the plastic caps on to protect and keep the shape of the brush.

The face brushes had some very slight initial shedding but after the first use it was all good. Plus even after washing them the brushes didn't shed for me. The brush handles are made out of birch wood and the ferrules out of aluminium. I like the brown handles. I actually love handles that aren't black because its something a little different. The brushes are made out of natural hair. Being made out of natural hair means that they won't be as soft as synthetic brushes but surprisingly these aren't stiff or scratchy at all.
These are lovely for powders, blushers, mineral makeup and eyeshadows. I think the angled eyebrow brush is the only one made out of synthetic hair and the eyelash/eyebrow brushes made out of nylon.

I did sort them into categories. The face brushes include a lovely fan brush which I adore and 4 various sized powder/blush brush including one that I have been constantly using, an angled brush. I love these and have constantly been using them for blush and powder. The large powder brush is really nice for a finishing touch or to set your foundation. The angled brush is great for contouring and the blush brush is lovely for obviously blush as well as highlighters. Any eye looks that I may have done in previous posts are all created using these eye makeup brushes  These are so soft and  really a pleasure to use. I adore the various sizes they have in the set as well as the eyebrow brush and a sponge tip applicator for adding glitter or shimmer.

So to conclude, I would just say that these are lovely brushes. I adore the sizes, the way they apply makeup and the quality, which is really great. If you are looking into buying some natural brushes for powder products then do look into these.

The only thing that I think may be a negative to this is the price, which is £135 but I know that these are always on some kind of an offer majority of the times and currently you can get it for £19.99. I suggest you purchase it for that price!
You can purchase this from Catwalk Glamour.

What are your thoughts on this brush set?
Hareem x


  1. wow these look incredible, have to agree the price is a little cray but i suppose you'd spend that over a certain amount of time trying to build a collection half the size of this anyway.x

    1. Yeah that's what I thought too. But at only £20 at the moment not bad!
      they are really nice! x

  2. Woah that's a lot of brushes! Xx

    1. haha I don't think I'll be getting some any time soon! x

  3. A bit pricey but most of them look really nice xx

    1. they're pretty good! been using them loads! x


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