28 February 2013

Style Crush - Jennifer Lawrence

Hi guys!
It has been such a LONG time, since I did a style crush post. These days I love Jennifer Lawrence. She is so beautiful and kinda looks good in anything. I love her hair and makeup. It's very natural and quite flawless. 
I loved the black long dress she wore as well as the recent gorgeous white dress to the Oscars! Oh and let's not forget the stunning red dress at the Golden Globes! She looks so effortless. 

A picture of Jennifer Lawrence in a black gown.
A picture of Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars.
A picture of Jennifer Lawrence.
A picture of Jennifer Lawrence.

Who is your recent style crush?
Hareem x


  1. I absolutely love Jennifer Lawrence! Not only is she gorgeous but she's so genuine and funny as well.
    Yasmin xx

  2. Jennifer Lawrence is beautiful! Her figure is amazing. I love the first dress and the purple/red/black dress at the bottom left. Don't you think she looks stunning as a brunette? It really brings out her eyes.

    xo Azu


  3. She looks soo amazing! I love the black dress so much!xx


  4. She's stunning!
    the black dress is my favourite!

    UK High Street Fashion & Style

  5. I think she's stunning all the time and I love how she experiments x

  6. Surely it can't be fair for her to look so amazing all the time?! The black dress was so beautiful xx

  7. She always looks stunning, her clothes & make-up, how does she get them working so perfectly :(

  8. Totally agree, she does look good in anything...I love Mila Kunis' style =) xo

  9. I am starting to love Jennifer Lawrence too!! My friend is literally obsessed with her. As well as being really beautiful, she also seems a lovely person and doesn't care about the press, just swears or whatever hahaha.
    love alice xxx


  10. Yep totally with you on this! She looked stunning at the Oscars! xx

  11. I love this girl also!! She has great style, is beautiful, has a great body and fab personality... she's so funny! What is not to love about her :D

    Really enjoying your blog btw, great mix of posts :D


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